"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Afterthoughts: THE INDIANA TEA PARTY & What people are saying

(by Sean Shepard, Indy Fair Tax)
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We will win this revolution. And this is how. We will not stop until Our government does as We say. We want property tax repealed and we want Our schools in Indiana reformed. We want the size of Our government reduced and they can start with Center Township!

Evidently THE INDIANA TEA PARTY ruffled the feathers of the status quo, because Jen Wagner, communications director for the democratic party, said the INDIANA TEA PARTY participants did not accomplish much and that We The People are merely attention starved. We are not sure what the democratic party's communication director thought she would accomplish by insulting our city's citizens involved in a non-partisan rally, but she chose to go down that path on behalf of the democrats for whom she speaks.

We think a better approach would be to tell us our democratic leadership in Indianapolis is concerned and working together with all parties to find solutions to this mess.

Just to set things straight, here's what we accomplished:

News Coverage From:
Channel 13
Channel 6
Channel 8
Channel 59 (2 Stories)
Indy Star
and probably other media that has not been sent to us yet.

The INDIANA TEA PARTY also satisfied The People's wishes for a tea party. They've asked for one since the 4th of July.

THE INDIANA TEA PARTY let our sister cities throughout the state have media access to view our parties. Because of this, we now get requests everyday for tea parties in other towns.

THE INDIANA TEA PARTY solidly brought together a strong inner core of volunteers with amazing connections. We like it that you see our growing inner core of well educated and well connected volunteers, as people who cannot achieve their goals. Wait until you see the surprises we have in store.

THE INDIANA TEA PARTY gave candidates for this November's election an opportunity to sign Our T-shirts in support of Our demands to see property tax repeal. (Can anyone get State Representative David O. to sign?)

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Anonymous said...

Here's attorney Tom Cryer discussing his July 11, 2007 victory against the IRS. We can do this if the people are willing to demand justice:

Tom Cryer Discussing His Victory