"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, July 5, 2007


Thanks to everyone who attended the Fair Tax Rally on Independence Day. We plan to continue to organize rallies in Indiana. This is the place to come for information about future events and news.

Here are links to the news stories and blogs which covered the Fair Tax Press Conference at the Governor's Mansion:

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Robert said...

Glad to see you're blogging, but PLEASE change it to a normal black type-on-white background page. This thing will kill my eyes...

DNelson said...

To whom it may concern;

Boston Tea Party in Indianapolis,

I am a 60 year resident of Indianapolis and I am sad to say, as many others my age who live here, am going to have to leave Indianapolis after this latest Tax increase. Our taxes were already way out of line and then they double them. I feel it is criminal to charge over 1% of a homes actual assessed value and even that is excessive.
Unfortunately our Mayor Bart Peterson and Governor Mitch Daniels are oblivious to what they have done to the people of Indianapolis and need to come out of their cocoons and walk the neighborhoods of Marion County to see the hardships they have inflicted on the people of Indianapolis. I believe they will eventually turn Indianapolis into a ghost town. It has become impossible to sell or buy a home in this city with the Taxes being what they are and we will soon lead the Nation in foreclosures.
Our neighbors to the south, Kentucky and Tennessee, would have you pay around $1200.00 per year in property taxes for an 1800-2200 sq.ft. Home; and no state income tax. There are several other states similar to this. So why don’t our Mayor and Governor beg these people to show them how to run a state that isn’t taxing their residents to the brink of bankruptcy. No other state ever has had a March 1st inventory tax for businesses or a school on every corner and these states seem to have enough money to run in blue ink.,
As if it wasn’t already hard enough on the people of Indianapolis to pay their heating bills that went up from approximately $90.00 five year’s ago to over $300.00 a month, gasoline from $1.00 a gallon to $3.00 a gallon, soaring food prices because of the cost of delivery, and soaring health cost. No one’s income has gone up enough to begin to cover this type of inflation. So while were down with no chance of recovery for some time, Bart Peterson decides he wants to also kick us while were down.
I do not understand how our politicians can be so negligent as to put the people of Indianapolis in this situation. The Indy 500 has been here since 1900, has been our major drawing card to this city, and they have never asked for anything. However, since The Indianapolis Colt’s have been here all they have done is cost the residents of Indianapolis money. Nothing against the Colts, however, the average family of four couldn’t afford to go to a game and sit in the nose bleed section unless they went on bread and water for the next couple of weeks.
The Mayor and the Governor are turning this City into the have and have not city. Middle class is rapidly disappearing. Their only concern has become downtown Indianapolis and they want to bleed the majority of the people of this city so that the already rich have more. My opinion is shared by the majority of the people I encounter each week. I have spoken to a lot of the people in my neighborhood which is only 6 years old down on five points and Southport road. That’s right folks, Franklin Township, the highest taxes in Marion County.
The ads Bart Peterson has been running telling the people of Indianapolis what a wonderful job he has done for this city is as big an insult to anyone with an I.Q. of over 10 as I have ever seen. The ad should be for what he has done to the people of Indianapolis. Does he think the people of Indianapolis are all stupid? Obviously I am very saddened and mad or I would not be writing this letter. I had a phone call from two of my oldest son’s 24 and 26 last night who have not had the opportunity to buy homes at this point in their lives. I was told of their disappointment that they would also have to look for employment out of this state were they could achieve their dreams of home ownership.
Something for the people over 55 has got to be done to relieve this age group of tax liability. All of our monies after we have raised our families go towards health care and medication which is another issue.
I have been out in my neighborhood this morning and talked to 5 of my neighbors and 4 of the 5 were going to sign companies tomorrow to buy home for sale by owner signs, I will make it 5 of the 6. None of us want to leave our community however we all need money to live on and will be able to do so elsewhere. The sad fact is we are going to be forced to live here until we sell and that could take years. We all want to thank Bart Peterson for throwing so many of us out of the State of Indiana.
Unless we have a Boston tea party, and soon, there will be a mass exodus for survival out of Indianapolis. The Governor and Mayor of Indianapolis have sent a clear message that they only want the extremely rich that can afford these high taxes in this city. It is really sad to have to leave the place you grew up and where all your family has lived for years because of incompetent Government.
Mad as Hell doesn’t even begin to describe how my wife and I are feeling. We worked hard and put all of our money into our home so we could retire in the next 1 ½ years. We drive 1997 and 2000 automobiles, don’t go out to dinner and didn’t subscribe to the yuppie generation of new cars and the fancy lifestyles leading to debt, thinking this would allow us to spend more time with our 7 children and 18 grandchildren when we retire. Not being able to afford over $5000.00 a year in taxes, as most people our age and similar circumstances can’t, we see our dreams being destroyed by politics. Our politicians have made it clear that they don’t want people like us in Indianapolis, namely, Bart Peterson and Mitch Daniels. It’s clear they do not have a clue as to what they have done to the people of Indianapolis.

Fed up with Indianapolis
Dennis Nelson

Andrew Horning said...

Dennis...You will get your tea party.

Please come to the volunteer round up meeting on Monday night at 6:30. 2145 Talbott Street

Leona Shepard said...

In response to comments by Mr. Nelson;
To try and calculate the number of victims who share your opinion would be impossible.
We deserve competent and compassionate leaders who realize we are unable to cooperate with excessive tax burdens, so we must protest.
Your ability to compose such a fine statement deserves timely action before the State of Indiana looses you and other fine citizens.
We are in a boat about to sink unless our voices create enough wind to blow management of the sails out of troubled waters.