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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is Income Taxation Legal? Couple Offers $1MILLION to see the law.

So many people have emailed us a link to ShowTheLaw.com, that we are linking it. A couple is offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anyone who can show them their legal liability to pay federal income tax. So far no one has collected the money.

The time for the national Fair Tax has come.


Anonymous said...

I've been following the case of Ed and Nancy Brown and it's simply astonishing to me that the government and the court system have not been able to present the law showing their liability to pay the income tax, yet they've been charged with violating that law. Since seeing the Brown case I've probably spent a combined total of 15 - 20 hours looking at other cases where so-called "income tax violators" have been charged, yet none of the codes that they were cited with violating contained any verbiage stating that they must pay an income tax. I've personally come to the conclusion that there is no law.

With that in mind, I have a question for you regarding the Fair Tax. I've often read or heard that the Fair Tax would eliminate income taxes by placing the tax on consumer goods. This eliminates the burden on individual income and removes any possible infringements related to unapportionment, while simultaneously maintaining a revenue basis that faces no signifiant reduction or loss based upon current consumer trends.

In essence, the Fair Tax is a shift in revenue source. It halts the removal of taxes from our paychecks, shifting the collection point to the cash register instead. If the system works as planned, the government collects the same revenue, unless the consumer (aka the citizen, the voter, the wage earner) chooses not to provide that revenue by choosing not to participate in the consumption of goods or services.

So here's my question:
If it's been demonstrated that there is no law mandating liability for payment of individual income taxes, and if those income taxes that are collected are used to pay interest on US debt as a result of the privately owned Federal Reserve System (rather than using the income to manage the US Federal budget), how can any tax advocate lobby to replace that unethical system of tax collection rather than lobbying to eliminate it altogether?

In my estimation, the Fair Tax does nothing but shift an unConstitutional burden away from individual income and takes it from our pocket books rather than from our paychecks.

FYI - I admire your active interest and participation in the tax reform effort. What I'm struggling with is that the Fair Tax isn't really an elimination of income taxes. It's a tax shift that requires wage earners to either minimize their participation in the market economy or to pay their unnaportioned tax in a new format that can no longer be eliminated for violation of the apportionment clause.

Here's a summary of my concerns regarding the Fair Tax: Be careful what you wish for. You might actually get it.

Sean Shepard said...

Hey Shorebreak - I think I've seen you make this same, excellent point elsewhere and we might have had some dialogue on it.

The challenge here is often that the lie is so great and believed, that the people won't accept the truth.

I'm aware of, but haven't followed as closely, the case you mentioned as well as the gentleman reported about in the Shreveport, LA newspaper earlier this month who was found not-guilty, by unanimous verdict of a jury, for failure to file.

There is a question regarding IF you file, and get some things wrong are you indeed guilty of anything vs. not guilty of anything at all if you just don't file... period.

Aaron Russo's "From Freedom to Fascism" discusses much of this issue in depth, but is it kind of like in "The Matrix" where the truth may be too unbelievable to accept?

ALSO, if there is widespread acceptance of this truth and people really quit filing, how long before Congress fixes the problem via legislation?

As someone who desparately wants to save money for the future and fun entreprenuerial efforts, the current tax system makes this difficult and stressful for middle or lower class individuals so this is why I largely favor changing to consumption based taxation.

Another consideration is, even if one can prove there is no liability for the "Federal Income Tax", what about the FICA/Medicaid withholding and the requirement to pay those?

I'm very interested in further serious dialogue on this subject, not sure comments sections on forums is the best place to start organizing some efforts.