"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taxpayers Betrayed by Indianapolis City Council

Several of the councilors including Vernon Brown (pictured) have comfortable city jobs and city paid automobiles. Monroe Gray, city council president, represents District #8 and voted for the tax increase in spite of the fact that a good number of his constituents in the audience were clearly not in favor of this tax increase.

None of the citizens who attended last night's city council meeting were in favor of increasing the county option income tax except city employees.

Councilors opposed to the tax increase were effectively shut down in a heated challenge by city legal, city council president, Monroe Gray and his personal lawyer Aaron Haith.

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana covered last night's raucous meeting.

President Monroe Gray (D)
Vice-President Joanne Sanders (D)
Patrice Abdullah (D)
Mary Moriarty Adams (D)
Paul Bateman (D)
Rozelle Boyd (D)
Vernon Brown (D)
Lonnell "King-Ro" Conley (D)
Ron Gibson (D)
Scott Keller (R)
Lance Langsford (R)
Angela Mansfield (D)
Jackie Nytes (D)
William Oliver (D)
Cherrish Pryor (D)

Dr, Philip Borst (R)
Ryan Vaughn (R)
Scott Schneider (R)
Virginia Cain (R)
Lynn McWhirter (R)
Sherron Franklin (D)
Robert Lutz (R)
Marilyn Pfisterer (R)
Dane Mahern (D)
Susie Day (R)
Bob Cockrum (R)
Mike Speedy (R)
Lincoln Plowman (R)

Isaac Randolph (R)


Ed Angleton said...

Maybe after the Nov. elections there will be some (L)s and/or (I)s after the names of our Councilors!

David said...

Wow I see a lot of D's in that list of those that voted for more taxes. I'm going to pretend like I'm surprised.

Mike Kole said...

So, if Keller and Randolph voted against, it would have failed...

Ed Angleton said...

No chance that Keller was voting against it, he was one of the sponsors.