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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Corruption Cover-Up: Monroe Gray may not be investigated for ethics violations

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana reports on the vote that may cause Monroe Gray to not be investigated for ethics violations. Now is the time to contact your city councilperson and all of the at-large city councilpersons to insist that Monroe Gray's concrete company is fully investigated. Monroe Gray failed to disclose his ownership in a concrete company, that received no-bid city contracts, to the council on his ethics paperwork.

You also may recall that a citizen complaint was made by Abu Henderson to Monroe Gray in January 2007 that councilor Patrice Abdullah did not legally reside in the district he represented. Although Monroe Gray had knowledge of this, he did nothing all year to bring the illegal residency to public light or prevent Abdullah from voting. Monroe Gray allowed Patrice Abdullah to vote to raise your county income tax by 65%.

The public needs to continue to demand an investigation of Monroe Gray. Please flood your city councilors with phone calls and emails.


varangianguard said...

Somebody down there needs to understand the concept of "ethics" before anybody is going to come out of their partisan corral.

Taxpayer said...

Unfortunately, my Council "representative" is -- you guessed it -- Monroe Gray. Which means we have no representation at all. The at-large Council members are all in his pocket. The only hope we have on this is OTHER Council members, like Borst, who kept hammering to keep the investigation from being killed last night. Please, anyone out there in districts with representatives who might still listen to reason -- CONTACT THEM!

Steve said...

taxpayer: I recommend you email or call Monroe Gray. He IS your Council representative and while you may disagree with him and he may disagree with you, he will see your input.

Melyssa said...

I've even documented calls and emails to Monroe Gray who is my council person. He never responds. I hear this often in our neighborhood. In fact, I've not found one single WHITE PERSON who can get a call back from him.

Should I play the race card? I'm white and can't get any attention from my elected councilperson!