"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Illegal Vote to Double Your Tax by the City County Council

Please plan to attend two highly important meetings with signs demanding accountability from Monroe Gray (City Council President) for his failure to act on the citizen complaint he received in January 2007 that Patrice Abdullah did not reside in the district he represented as required by law.

Also make signs and prepare to protest the Patrice Abdullah's votes as illegal since the city council president had knowledge Abdullah held office illegally. In that Patrice Abdullah's vote to DOUBLE your county tax was an illegal vote, the vote is illegal and therefore there is not a majority to carry the adoption of the county income tax increase.

As an aside, Patrice Abdullah attended the Super Bowl and received the $600 tickets, yet he cannot pay his property tax inspite of the fact that he voted to raise YOUR tax. When a reporter asked him how he could go to the Super Bowl when his taxes were not paid, he said the trip was a "gift". When asked who gave him the gift, he replied "none of your business."

Monday, August 27th Meeting: City County Building @ 7pm
Tuesday, August 28th Meeting: Christian Theological Seminary @ 5pm

MEDIA CONTACT: Christina Cesnik(317)327-4245

Budget Hearing Goes on the Road
Indianapolis - In an effort to increase public input on the budget, the Administration and Finance Committee is taking the August 28, 2007 budget hearing to the Butler-Tarkington Area.

The meeting will take place at Christian Theological Seminary at 1000 West 42nd Street at 5:00 pm. Because of construction, people who wish to attend the meeting will need to enter the front door of the building and the meeting will be held in the Shelton Auditorium. Shelton Auditorium and parking is located at the second entrance west of Haughy Avenue or the fourth entrance east of Michigan Road. Signs will be posted directing people to the auditorium entrance.

The following agencies are scheduled to present at the meeting: Information Services, the County Assessor, and the Township Assessors

“It is my hope that holding this meeting outside of the City-County Building will make it easier for people to attend,” said Joanne Sanders, chair of the committee. “Council Committees were created to serve as the vehicle to solicit public comment on ordinances and resolutions. Committee hearings provide us the time to consider public input before we go to a full vote of the Council” Sanders continued.

President Monroe Gray said, “I am glad that this meeting is being held outside of the City-County Building. This is yet another way to get people involved in the budget process.”

The final agenda for the meeting will be posted online at Indygov.org on Friday, August 24, 2007 Information is also available by phone at 327-4241.

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