"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, September 10, 2007

18 City Tax Increases in 2 Years & Peterson takes credit for the tax activists work

Peterson airs a sober new commercial and says, "By banding together we were able to force the state to correct an assessment we knew was wrong."

Did we miss something? The mayor didn't force the Governor to order a reassessment of Marion county taxes. The Governor would not return the mayor's calls the day after he went begging for a special session on the state house steps.

Let's never forget that awful evening when the mayor locked the citizens out of the city council budget meeting. Is THAT banding together? Locking out is not banding together. The mayor cannot have it both ways.

Let's not forget that these 18 new taxes are in place in just 2 years while on the mayor's watch:
1. Sewer user fee tax
2. Storm water utility tax
3. Food and Beverage tax
4. Car Rental tax
5. Ticket tax
6. Hotel-Motel tax
7. Professional Sports District tax
8. 2005 Welfare Bond
9. 2006 Welfare Bond
10. Boys/girls School DOC Bonds
11. Library tax 2006
12. IndyGo tax 2006
13. Police Service District 2006
14. Fire Service District 2006
15. COIT 2006
16. COIT 2007
17. 2007 Budget
18. .65% 2007 COIT

Are these the actions of a mayor who cares about taxes and spending?

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Dave Smith said...

16 and 18 are the same. The 2007 budget is taxing but not a tax in and of itself. You can hardly call the Indygo fair hike a tax increase. Even if you could, who actually rides the bus (ironically, it would be the poor the Democrats usually pander to)?

From attending the city council meeting in Aug, I learned at least on other is not a city-county tax (The DOC bonds?).

I think the truth is bad enough that it does not need to be exaggerated.