"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ballard, Webber, Peterson, & Gray to make appearance at Meridian Street Foundation Annual Meeting

Meridian Street Foundation Annual Meeting
All are invited to the Meridian Street Foundation Annual Meeting, Tuesday, October 9, 6:30 p.m. Meet your neighbors and enjoy hors d’oeuvres in the parlor of the Meridian Street United Methodist Church, 5500 N. Meridian Street. Mayor Bart Peterson and his challenger Greg Ballard as well as City Councilman Monroe Gray and his opponent Kurt Webber have been invited to speak about the tax issue and the next election.

The tax issue is of great concern to all of us in the historic district and will play a huge part in how we vote. This is your opportunity to hear what they have to say about our City and how they plan to make it better. There is no cost for this event as the MSF is sponsoring it, however, due to having space for everyone, we would like to know if you are planning on attending. RSVP to Elaine Klein, garden006@aol.com.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Meridian Street Foundation!

Wonder where the Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Associations have been during all the neighborhood-toxic antics of our City County Council?

Not so long ago, these organizations were quite vocal and active in protecting these wonderful old neighborhoods from both Democrat and Republican Administrations. Sadly, both neighborhood associations now seem to have given up the good fight.

Why is this?? Could it be because the presidents of both organizations have hidden ties to the current Peterson administration?

If so, then so be it... many are on the dole one way or the other, but then please 'fess up and get out of the way. We in the 'hoods certainly need representation from somebody. Our Councilman Mr Gray certainly isn't representing us. It would be nice to at least have our Neighborhood organizations stand up for us.

Otherwise, both organizations run the risk of being seen as hopelessly out of touch, or worse, bought and sold.

I won't be sending money in to the MKNA this year.

Anonymous said...

I stopped sending money to the MKNA too. They really need to get on the ball or we're going to lose our neighborhood. They feel more like a political clicque than a real neighborhood association anymore.

Steve said...

My experience with BTNA indicates that the president is a big fan of both Peterson and Gray. My efforts to get BTNA to do something objective and helpful were met with nothing but foot dragging and borderline hostility.
Read my post regarding the meeting I attended.

Steve said...

Sorry about back to back posts here. I happen to know the MKNA president. She is a wonderful lady who has done tons for the neighborhood. My understanding from someone closer to her is that she is very upset about the property tax issue. Given that, I do not have an explanation for the seeming lack of action. I will say, though, that I have received a number of notices from MKNA about forums that I may not have heard about otherwise (e.g. Black Sunday). That was before I was plugged in to the blogs...


MKNA or BTNA has never contacted us once...although lots of people from the neighborhood do.

Maybe these organizations are timid about making a bold move. We would think they would get tough this time since Peterson didn't keep the promises he made to our community back in 2003. Instead we got backstabbed by even larger tax increases just four years later.

Anonymous said...

The current president of the MKNA is a Carl Pebworth. He is a Baker & Daniels attorney who "represents clients in a range of contexts involving litigation of real property and construction disputes."

Caroline Farrar has long been the secretary for the MKNA, and indeed is / has been a tireless advocate for MKNA and other neighborhoods.

I only wish she were the President.

Anonymous said...

MKNA formed committees that fizzled out in 2003.Other than complain what else do you expect from them? All this will fizzle out too because people have only so much energy after working all day. The government knows that and are waiting just like in 2003 for all of you to tire and go away.There is only one real answer and that is to support the lawsuit against the property tax!!!So folks, go to www.stopindiana.com and donate to the lawsuit and take a few minutes to make a call to members of the legislature and complain about your tax bill. Or take a few minutes and write the Governor a letter or use the email at www.in.gov - to contact any one of them. What's so hard about that? It's the least you can do to save your home. Don't complain if all you do is nothing. Those are the only things that will work along with street protests.Get Busy.

Anonymous said...

Re the MSF- All the lawyers living in that area-not one stood up to challenge the property tax mess in 2003- when the first round of this appeared- All we get is more meetings, with lying politicians who pat your back. Take charge yourself and get with it. Ask yourself -did you write one letter to a legislator and to the governor? Did you donate one dime to the lawsuit challenging the property tax? I bet the only thing you did was toot your horn with thumbs up to the protestors who stood on the streets. This is on your backs people. Get with it.