"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ELIMINATION: The Property Tax Solution (share this link)

ELMINATION: The Property Tax Solution

You Tube Video by Economist Bill Styring

Foremost Indiana PhD Economist
Senior Fellow Hudson Institute
Gold Medal of Freedom Recipient


Steve said...

I heard some of Bill's interview with Abdul this morning. He is a smart cookie. I like the "2, 2, 2" plan as an interim solution. As I understand it:
1. Amend the constitution to eliminate property taxes forever
2. replace with increases of:
2% income tax
2% sales tax
2% corporate tax

Not perfect, but we should not let perfect get in the way of better...

Anonymous said...

I heard him too and agree. Why doesn't this guy run for office?


Dr. Styring is an asset to the people.

We're trying to get a statement from Luke Kenley as to whether he supports Dr. Strying's plan.

Anonymous said...

The Gov. leased our highway for billions. That was our highway, so that's our money. Use the higway lease billions to cut our property taxes. In other words - Give Us Our Money Back!

Van W. Cottom said...

This whole concept of America got started over the govenments demand for taxes. Some folks had all they were going to take from the govenment and started throwing their bags of tea overboard.
The same concept can happen again, I have no doubt.
Van W. Cottom
Terre Haute, IN

Van W. Cottom said...

A Economics Professor once asked me if I had ever used Interstate 70. I answer "YES," I am a retired over-the-road truck driver, that went back to college.
He told me, and without and extensive investigation, I tend to believe him, that EVERY dime of taxes I pay in my lifetime, local, county, city, state and federal would not be enough to build just ONE MILE of Interstate 70.
Just something to chew on for a while!