"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007



Last night the City Council voted to approve a budget that did not include the promised 10% tax cuts and instead RAISED the city budget. Councilor Patrice Abdullah's replacement, Andre Carson, was given a marketing specialist position at Cripe Architects who receives no-bid city contracts including with the Airport Authority. Cripe wants to make sure taxpayer dollars keep flowing their way. On Sunday Bart Peterson ignored the activists who came to his house to talk about the city's taxation problems. This is just a small list of the atrocities perpetrated by our city officials on the taxpayers on a daily basis.

Our politicians are self-serving and ignore our citizens. If we are to have a city left, we need every single person who cares to get involved or we are surely headed down the same path suffered by Gary or Detroit.

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation seeks 600 volunteers to work on election day. Duties may vary and you need to be available from 6am to 6pm. There is no pay. Think of it as civic duty.

You will definitely be called and you will be given work to do either directly with us or with one of the other organizations within our network of patriots. You will also derive great satisfaction the next day when you know that you have helped put in place a new city council and a new mayor.

Freedom is not free. By banding together we WILL take back our city from the corrupt politicians who vote to increase our taxes without our permission, who do not follow the rule of law, who lie to us, who shut us out of the process, and who have no regard for our plight to keep our homes intact.

To volunteer email Hoosiers.For.Fair.Taxation@gmail.com Please put the word "VOLUNTEER" in the subject line and include your name, address, and phone number, as well as the side of town you live, in this format:

Sally Freedom Lover
777 Fair Tax Lane
Near Northside Indianapolis

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Anonymous said...

There are twenty ways to CUT residential property taxes (RPT):

1. Mandatory IN 36-7-4-1300 IMPACT FEES on NEW CONSTRUCTION. Pay the fee in the mortgage over 15 to 30 years. Growth states such as California, Florida and Georgia collect impact fees to pay for new schools and infrastructure. New construction does not pay additional property taxes in Indiana for approximately two years.

2. Mandatory SALES TAX on NEW CONSTRUCTION. Central Indiana is the #1 most affordable housing market in the USA with five years of record-breaking sales up to 2006.


4. Use ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INCOME TAXES (EDIT) to offset residential property taxes. Tax revenue raised by EDIT that is given to businesses increased local income taxes by 250% in Hendricks County while growth and corporate welfare have caused residential property taxes to increase 350%.

5. Increase DIESEL FUEL TAXES, LICENSES, TOLLS and WHEEL TAXES on large, heavy trucks that destroy our roads and bridges; therefore NO property tax revenue necessary to be used for transportation infrastructure. NO privatization of toll roads needed that would be a financial burden on your children and grandchildren.

6. Elimination of TAX ABATEMENTS for retail and warehouses paying low wages whose employees (some who are illegal aliens) do not provide sufficient taxes for government services such as education, police & fire and infrastructure but do require taxpayer paid Medicaid, rent subsidies, energy assistance, food stamps, education and illegal alien law enforcement. Illegals receive these tax paid benefits.

7. Elimination of TAX INCREMENT FINANCING (TIF) and SALES TAX INCREMENT FINANCING (STIF) that deprive schools, police & fire, road & bridge repair, water & sewer upgrades, libraries and other essential government services from needed tax revenue.

8. Elimination of TIF RECOVERY on the residential property tax bills that pay for business tax cuts. This is a double tax on homeowners.

9. Elimination of ALL CORPORATE WELFARE such as SINGLE FACTOR SALES APPORTIONMENT, TAX CREDITS, TAX GRANTS, TRAINING GRANTS and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INCOME TAXES (EDIT) on family income. The best corporate welfare has only moved lower (40% less) paying Honda/Toyota jobs into Indiana to replace higher paid GM/Ford/Chrysler jobs that include better benefits. Since 1997, auto sales in the USA have averaged approximately 17 million each year. Therefore, more auto sales or jobs are not being created; and Indiana citizens' standard of living is decreasing.

10. Eliminate NON-PROFIT STATUS for institutions that do not pay property taxes such as medical care that is bankrupting American families and foreclosing on their homes because it is 16% of GDP and rising fast.

11. Use the Innkeeper tax (hotel/motel taxes), food/beverage tax and car rental tax to pay for parks, water, sewer and road repairs that tourists and guests use when they visit our state or your county instead of multi-million dollar sport facilities and private business marketing/sales expenses.

12. STOP development costs and business taxes from being SHIFTED to residential property taxpayers, to low & middle class income taxpayers and to sales taxpayers. Home Town Matters will only accelerate this shift of taxes.

13. Say NO to NEW, high density, cheap, small ground floor, vinyl housing that reduces present property values. A $250000 home is required to pay property taxes for essential government services.

14. Read the "Great American Jobs Scam, Corporate Tax Dodging and the Myth of Job Creation" book by Greg LeRoy available at http://www.greatamericanjobsscam.com, the Indiana government library in Indianapolis or your local library.

15. NO NFL tax breaks or using taxpayers’ money to pay for the Super Bowl. Use these tax savings to cut RPT.

16. Indiana has a “brain drain” problem. NO full-day kindergarten, taxpayer paid textbooks or selling/leasing the lottery are needed. Use surplus taxes to cut RPT.

17. NO $27 million tax subsidy to horse racing or the film industry. Use subsidies to cut RPT.

18. Increase taxes on tobacco, alcohol, gas guzzling vehicles and luxury goods and services. Use these taxes to cut RPT and fund medical/health insurance for the uninsured.

19. Use the 20% increase in sales taxes and gasoline taxes enacted a few years ago to cut RPT instead of cutting business property taxes. My RPT increased 19% the following year.

20. Repeal the $9000 pay increase that is automatically adjusted for inflation that the Indiana State General Assembly recently voted for themselves. Use the tax savings to cut RPT.

Contact the Governor, General Assembly state politicians and county & town politicians TODAY!

Brent Pittman 6593 Donnelly Dr. Brownsburg 46112 317-852-4470