"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Patriot Paul Wheeler: Would you show up?

Patriot Paul Wheeler pictured with Mayoral Candidate Greg Ballard

Not many protestors showed up at last night's City Council Meeting. Patriot Paul Wheeler weighs in.

The Indianapolis Star News has offered questions to the public regarding what we would do as mayor and how would we construct a budget. Considering the fiscal irresponsibility our political parties have consigned us, and the lack of knowledge most taxpayers have through no fault of their own, the bottom line is that we could do no worse than what has unfolded, and if anything, would have exercised some fiscal restraint, since most of us have to balance our checkbook on what little we have. That is what we teach our children for whom we open their first checking account and what we go by each time we write a check. We also teach our children that our leaders are our employees; servants of the people and accountable for their actions.

How does the Mayor fare in all this, especially when some of his employers are outside his home, requesting he talk with them for a few moments regarding tax issues? A spokesman is sent after they leave to tell a media person that he has nothing to say. Ok, you say, the Mayor is not going to go through knee jerk reactions or be manipulated by anyone and has said everything he wants to say in his commercials, regardless how deceptive they are and paid for by his re-election campaign.

How does the Mayor fare on his record breaking billion $ budget proposal to the 29 member city county council? On the night it is voted, he is a no show again. It is amazing the chief executive office of a major metropolitan city becomes a no show on the evening when he authors a billion $ tax levy against the residents of Indianapolis, under an already overtaxed environment. When 1 in 5 homes for sale is a foreclosure, and it effects a 15% devaluation of its neighboring homes, then all of Indianapolis is devalued as near the #1 metro area in foreclosures.

Is this the posture of a leader, and is this how we teach our children to behave? One of the highlighted issues is the 1 million $ funding for the arts hidden under the ‘parks’ category, and passed. This typical pork is just a microcosm of what taxpayers see at a higher level in Congress. And many would tell you that they never want their children becoming that!

Children should be taught that the fundamental right of land ownership supersedes tax law, and to exercise our duty in voting out those who have lost their way, and voting for those who can carve a fiduciary and responsible path, without the consignment of a new slave class subservient to the master of the realm.


Taxpayer said...

I was surprised that no call went out for a demonstration at last night's vote. A crowd of people with signs outside when the news media was preparing their sounds bites would have made a statement. Thanks to those who WERE there -- please put the word out and we'll show up!


Taxpayer...I'm sorry about that. I should have put something up, but ran short on time. Do you want to volunteer to work on election day?


p.s. It would not have made any difference at all to have a protest there. They rubber stamp what they want regardless of the will of the people.

Bart Lies said...

Curiously, the TV media collected several interviews, but I saw none of them aired.


Matt Tully poked fun of Paul Wheeler (pictured in this post with Greg Ballard) for wearing a patriotic costume to the meeting. We like his patriotism and hope he won't let a tool like Tully discourage him.

We think Matt Tully is drinking Koolaid on the 25th floor.

Few people pay attention to his columns anymore judging by how little response they receive.