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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is Melyssa a threat to Jen Wagner, communiations director for State Democratic party? You decide.

Melyssa falsely assumed that the communications director for the state democrats would answer direct a question about democrat Bart Peterson. For pushing the question "what promises has Bart Peterson kept?", Melyssa was removed from posting privileges from Jen's blog.

Jen Wagner and Wilson T. Allen (the guy who radio journalist Abdul Hakim-Shabazz recently exposed for inciting arguments on his blog under different aliases) spend a great deal of space labeling Melyssa as "insane", a "prostitute", a "sex worker", etc.

Here's the question and comments Melyssa posed on Jen's blog:

"I want to know what promises Bart Peterson has kept?

For asking that question I was accused on this blog of suggesting some kind of armed revolt when I mentioned that we are about a bullet FREE revolution. I don't condone violence.
Jen has threatened to remove me permanently from posting here (and I really don't care).

I don't find her to be a credible person because she cannot defend the statements she makes.
When backed into a corner with a question when she doesn't like the answer, she reverts to calling me a long list of not-so-flattering names. (Long ago I learned not to let words spoken by people without honor hurt me). I came onto this blog specifically to find out what promises Bart Peterson has kept. So far no one from his camp can tell me anything except he promised to keep the Colts and did.

I want to know which is more important to Bart Peterson....keeping the Colts or keeping people from losing their homes.

It is a very relevant question at election time about the mayor's priorities.
Jen hates being shown to be a hypocrite."
Posted by: Melyssa Oct 16, 2007 at 05:37 PM

Jen Wagner's comment:
Strike three, Melyssa.
See ya 'round.
Posted by: TDW Oct 16, 2007 at 05:39 PM

Here is a challenge from Hoosiers For Fair Taxation. Can anyone from Mayor Peterson's staff or the democratic party tell the people of Indianapolis what promises Bart Peterson kept during the nearly 8 years he has held office and back it up with documentation? We want to give Peterson a fair shake to show the tax payers he worked in their best interest during his two terms.


Anonymous said...

He is fixing the CSO's.


Supporting documentation, please.

"IS" fixing is not the same as fixed.

Anonymous said...



Mayor's press releases are not acceptable. We seek independent verification and do not deem Peterson's press releases to be a reliable source of truth.

Case in point:
In 2003 the Mayor issued a press release announcing a "war on abandoned houses" and the problem has worsened. In addition, no one from the Mayor's office can give us a count of the number of abandoned homes in Indianapolis.

Steve said...

Since the linked press release is dated 4/30/2001 and announces a 20-year plan, I would expect some progress to have been made by now. anonymous 9:37 AM, could you post some evidence of progress?

Anonymous said...


you are wasting your time and unnecessarily raising your blood pressure battling with jen wagner. yes, jen is a hypocrite. yes, jen unfairly makes associations between unaffiliated opponents. yes, she defends the indefensible. she will do anything to smear anyone who is not in the party line, including fellow democrats. thus is the hit-and-run nature of being a political spin professional. she probably doesn't really care about the ideals for which she is spinning; i imagine she could do it as deftly for the republicans.

have you ever met her in person? she really doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything. she just wants to make sure that she has a stage to portray herself as witty and clever while trashing everyone in her path along the way.

the thing that is truly mystifying here is that she is clearly doing things that would annoy many fellow democrats and turn off potential voters. she trashes the common man as much as she does fellow politicos. yet she is doing this while sitting at her dest working as the communications director for the state democratic party. her "i'm just an observer and tax payer doing this for fun" crap makes no sense at all. who in the party is overseeing what she does?

it will be fun to watch when she makes a big misstep and, because of the way she operates, she will.

Melyssa said...

I see what you say about Jen. I've always been confused about why they would hire a communications director that acts so unprofessionally.

You are wrong about one thing. She does not raise my blood pressure. It lowers my blood pressure because I find it funny and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Melyssa. You are doing good things for the community by organizing rallies and keeping the tax issue front and center. It is good to see that you are undaunted by the personal attacks.

I really just don't see how Wagner's tactics help the democrats. Then again, I think she is doing this for her own ego and entertainment rather than promoting any kind of agenda.

Anonymous said...

Jen's shrill "let them eat cake" defensive posturing in response to what all agree is a major tax-crisis in Marion county inspired me to donate $$ to Ballard.

I still find it difficult to believe that she is a "Communications" Director, unless "Communications" is now defined as "shut up, and pay your taxes, peasant!" However, she does seem to personify this posture pretty well.

Prior to the Tax Crisis, I've not been involved in politics. Jen's arrogant and supercillious reaction, apparently condoned by the Democratic party helped to convince me to abandon the current crop of Democrats which so blithley have abandoned me and my family.

So, in a way, Jen Wagner is doing great work for the Republican party of Marion county!

Melyssa said...

Don't forget that the Marion County democratic party got a pizza delivery guy suspended. His crime? Free speech.

That's right.

He thought it would be a funny joke to write "Ballard For Mayor" in the lid of the pizza box.

Evidently they called Bazbeaux and made a big stink about it and Bazbeaux suspended the college student.

They have also called and emailed my employer more than once and tried to get me fired from my job.

Democrat and IFD Chief Jim Greeson called me a "bull dyke" at a city council meeting while he was in IFD uniform. I've made several complaints and the city has done absolutely nothing about it. They will not even provide me with a copy of the city's sexual harassment policy which the mayor said would also protect citizens from harassment from public officials.

If you ask me the tactics of the Marion county democratic party are below the belt and extremely unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

agreeance. jen's blog is really not helping the democrats. in fact, she often insults and offends the same voters her party is courting. she clearly is doing this during her day job so there is no case for separation between tdw and her job. if you talk to her in person, she is clearly a bright individual and her writing displays great wit. however, she is well aware of that and just thinks all the rest of us are dumb.