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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mayoral Debate -- Thursday @ 7pm on Channel 8 WISH-TV

From the Indy Star:
The first mayoral debate between Democrat incumbent Bart Peterson and Republican challenger Greg Ballard will take place Thursday night.

The debate will be aired on Channel 8 (WISH TV) at 7 p.m. and moderated by political reporter Jim Shella.

The event could be a key moment for Ballard. He is fighting an underfunded and uphill battle against the incumbent. Peterson has already run several campaign ads, for example, and Ballard has yet to launch one.The candidates took the stage separately at a political gathering Sept. 20, but the half-hour broadcast Thursday will be the first of four formal standoffs. Stacy Thorne, assistant news director for WISH TV, said Shella will ask questions and read some emailed to the station. Details of the format have not been finalized, she said.
Channel 8 invites the public to participate and submit their candidate questions to Jim Shella via this link.

The mayoral candidates are also scheduled to debate on Oct. 17 on WRTV, have a roundtable discussion Oct. 21 on WTHR and debate again Oct. 22 on WXIN and WIBC.


Timothy Maguire said...

So, Fred Peterson isn't included? Why have a mayoral debate without all the mayoral candidates?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tim...

If you aren't going to include everyone, it's not a true debate. Heaven forbid the voters get ALL the information before they head into the voting booth.

Then again, this is going to be hosted by WISH, so it's not likely going to be a debate anyway... just sound-bites.


Sir Hailstone said...

Fred is included. Jim Shella said Wednesday night he wanted Libertarians excluded because they draw less than 15% of the vote and therefore are irrelevant.

Station management felt otherwise.

"We're giving 1/3 of the time to a nobody" - Jim Shella

Anonymous said...

"A nobody"

Pretty big words for someone who is supposed to be unbiased.

I suppose the Whigs felt the exact same way about the Republicans just before the Republicans took over as a major party.

I will relish the day when this "nobody" party takes over the power and prestige it so rightfully deserves.

Anonymous said...

a Retired Cop says

"We're giving 1/3 of the time to a nobody" - Jim Shella

Jim Shella's Quote is interesting
if not entertaining to say the least because his stated opinion and evidently the opinion of WishTV8, is that Peterson is the only viable candidate for Mayor. Jim, Please save us all some time and Declare Bart the Winner and we'll all stay home on Election Day.

Shella you are a Disgrace to the News Profession and is the Pay better working for the Democrats or do you just have an axe to grind against Republicans?


Fred Peterson is included! My bad!


Anonymous said...

The debate (more like prepared talking point statements) revealed that the Libertarian candidate still wanted to retain property taxes. That was disappointing because I was hoping he was in favor of repealing that and opt for the 2-2-2 solution from Ballard. As long as we have property taxes as an avenue for taxation, people's homes can still be seized, forclosed, and auctioned with people thrown into the street. For a Libertarian party wanting freedom and less government control, this was a major disappointment. 1st impression for some will be that this is an anti-Colts person who alienated a large chunk of sports fans last night. Ballard looked like Bush when first running for President, halting speech, dry lips, and eyes that looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
We all expected the Libertarian and Republican candidates to have lackluster presentations compared to the 7+ years of an experienced Bart Peterson, who could deliver his talking points with ease and vocabulary of a seasoned polished speaker. He had years to prepare for this. The question remains whether the public will overlook stage poise or lack thereof and focus on their comments.
I have not endorced any candidate, but it certainly won't be Bart Peterson, who is clever enough to author the biggest budge in Indy's history and still advertise it as as a cut. Sad thing is, many will believe it.

Mike Kole said...

Jim Shella is irrelevant. Can't we get him replaced with someone who is interested in politics for its substance rather than as a mere horse race?