"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Peterson Plan III: Another Peterson Plan future failure

Here's the link to Peterson Plan III. You can tell how much he cares because he came out with the plan seven days before the election. Why wasn't he acting on Plan II? Why isn't he telling us what he accomplished in Plan II? The answer is that Peterson fails to complete his plans.

It's hard to stay focused on a plan when you are bed-hopping the entire political arena.

Most activists believe he's even in bed with wealthy members of the G.O.P.! And everyone knows he sleeps with the entire Carson Machine. He would not even speak out about the ethics violations of CCC President and IFD ghost employee, Monroe Gray! Don't you think Monroe Gray has plenty of dirt he's holding over Peterson's head should he decide to chastise the CCC President's behavior?

We know that the objectives in Peterson Plans I and II were a joke as nothing within the plans was accomplished. Remember Peterson's "War on Abandoned Homes" launched in 2003 (after the scathing NY Times expose of our problem)? Since then Peterson's administration cannot even tell the press how many abandoned homes are in our city today. Most activists indicate that the number of abandoned homes has doubled since Peterson launched his war.

Lots of democrats getting paid for kissing Bart's behind are afraid of losing their jobs. They spin rhetoric that Ballard has no plan. Sure he has a plan and we've heard it in the debates and in our conversations with him. Our friends over at the Digital Farmers blog have outlined point by point what Ballard plans to do in a recent entry called "Peterson Plan III: The Creature Lives".

Don't believe Plan III. It's just another lie.


Anonymous said...

what exactly is going on here? a "plan" a week before an election?

is he: a) claiming victory and going ahead and rolling out his roadmap; or b) desperate and trying to repeat a tactic that was successful in prior campaigns.

i don't recall the prior "plans" including, among other things, a 65% increase in income tax.

Anonymous said...

My "Peterson Plan 3" is "VOTE FOR GREG BALLARD."

Anonymous said...