"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Request for investigation against city council attorney Aaron Haith

Council heroine Virginia Cain filed a request for investigation with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary commission this week against city council attorney Aaron Haith. In addition to representing the city council, Aaron Haith also serves as personal counsel to Monroe Gray and Ron Gibson.

You may recall that last summer Aaron Haith had taxpayers thrown out of the city council auditorium for applauding the actions of councilors who acted in their best interest.
Aaron Haith's actions were eventually leashed once the Indy Star told the story.

Aaron Haith is also heavily involved in "Project Big Vote". This organization's bus rounds up the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes and the likes and takes them to the polls with instructions to vote straight ticket democrat. Many reports surface that their charges are given cigarettes, money, alcohol, and/or food in exchange for voting. Other reports tell us that Aaron Haith's Project Big Vote will register homeless folks to abandoned houses for purposes of needing to register an address. During a Julia Carson congressional campaign, poll workers took note of addresses registered to suspicious voters and later drove to homes which they discovered were abandoned and boarded up.


Anonymous said...

A GIGANTIC thank you to Virginia Cain and the rest of the Council members who have filed this complaint and also been steadfast in not letting the ethics inquiry drop.

It's a pity that this will get painted as partisan because the citizens of this city should not tolerate anyone from ANY party in office who's ethics are in question without a comprehensive investigation (preferably by an outside party).

The notion of clearing one's name and representing one's constituents with integrity seems to be lost on some of our representatives who just toe the party line. It's shameful!

fed up said...

Yeah, but big daddy will be watching this time, leo's and the cameras will be everywhere.

This administration has really showed their A--off and we will be the laughing stock of the nation if we allow this crew to maintain ANY control of the council OR mayors office. We must get Greg Ballard and the republican councilmembers elected. Give him $10.00, $100.00, anything you can spare.

King Ro is stoppable, he is very vulnerable as well as monroe gray. Get the word out to all your neighbors and family members.

Otherwise you're just putting good councilmembers in rotten and vulnerable circumstances. He'll if Dr. Borst and Steve Tally couldn't deal with them, what do you think this fresh new eager crew will do IF the Mayor is still Bart?

Yeah, party officials will be happen with the leadership structure, but the citizens will still have a Mayor who is a developer, controlled by the crooked Carson & Co. and who has a record that put us where we are today;

The rich folks and the leadership structure will resume sitting on their yachts and minding their own business just like they were right before the election;

The CCC will continue on robbing the citizens and the Mayor, along with bling-bling and Carson & Co. will make the new black ccc members lives hell.

We dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars that uneducated, unaccomplished people--Carson & Co, are contolling that's public dollars. They'll kill to keep contol of it!

We must vote them all out. The whole bunch IS dirty, thc clean ones left.