"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tax panel may not have recommendation for next legislative session ?????

Are our legislators too cowardly to make bold moves for Indiana? Are our legislators not listening to the people? We want property tax ELIMINATION! Looks like they are headed towarding wasting another legislative session pussy footing around. Do they not have the fortitude to do their jobs?

Senator Kenley who chairs the Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy shows us once again he doesn't have the stomach or ideas to lead us out of the property tax crisis. WSBT TV tells us today that Kenley stated,

"We haven't had hearings on the plans that the different legislators have put
together," Kenley said. "I think in an effort to kind of achieve a bipartisan
approach to this, we'll probably stay away from that.

MEMO TO SENATOR KENLEY: Overwhelmingly when given an option, the People (you know, the People you serve) want property tax elimination! That's as bi-partisan of an approach as is gets!

Now is the time to write to your legislator and demand they put pressure on Senator Kenley to move forward with property tax repeal.


colonist said...

Let me get this straight. A panel is appointed. Can't come to grips with differing philosophies, they throw their hands in the air and tell the Governor to play catch for an airball, knowing it will come back to the legislators in the end, and because it is a political year, don't expect much, if anything. Wow! Real leaders. I can't believe they would publicly admit their atrocious behavior. Talk about 'ghost' employees. How many Monroe Grays do we have in this state? I think we've seen this movie before, 'The Black Pearl'. Ghost pirates finally die when they walk into the daylight after they spill blood onto their treasure. Maybe it's even worse. Vampires of the Living Dead. They sucked our blood, liked the taste, and can't live without property taxes. Bloodsuckers! When they turn Indy into a ghost town, it will undo everything their forerunners accomplished to make this a grand city and state.

Anonymous said...

All Senator Kenley and the others needs to do is take their assessments and head on down the local assessors office to ask some questions about their assessments. Since they probably can't think of any questions, I will give them a few: Why does that house which is like mine have a lower tax bill? Why are there 10 neighborhoods on one block?Why is it that the neighborhood factor lowers the taxes on the houses one or two blocks away? Why does the large double lots have lower land values than my smaller lot size property? Need I go on? Once they do that and receive the catch 22 answers they will run back and immediately dismantle the property tax system and abolish it.
But they will not do that because the property tax is their unaccountable cash cow which is their cover for the crime of bilking the public.
Keep the pressure on folks til they implode. Write your thoughts in emails and deluge them with it.