"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Will the real MBE/WBE contract numbers for Indianapolis please come forward?

Gary Varvel Comic From Indy Star


Attorney Darla Williams questions Mayor Peterson

Monroe Gray at Meridian Street Foundation Meeting - Part 1

Monroe Gray at Meridian Street Foundation Meeting - Part 2

Monroe Gray at Meridian Street Foundation Meeting - BONUS MATERIAL

Darla Williams, owner of Minority Media Group, LLC has been doing some digging for the truth in numbers of city hall MBE/WBE contract awards. She told our editor that the city is not cooperative in providing numbers for 2005 and 2006. The numbers she has for 2004 MBE/WBE contract awards do not match the numbers given to the League of Cities for which Peterson was elected President.

Darla & her research was available to reporters at the Democratic Fundraiser which targeted only minority business owners last week, yet the Indianapolis Star did not take comments or ask questions of the Hoosiers For Fair Taxation protestors. Instead they took a comment from the folks throwing the party who were quoted stating that political tax activist Melyssa Donaghy must be seeking attention.

Accountability in local government is not apparent in Peterson's administration. Peterson asserts on this video filmed at the Light of The World Tax Forum 2 on September 30th, that he would have his folks sit down with Esq. Darla Williams, yet no meeting has taken place. Did Bart Peterson lie again?

Darla's company, Minority Media LLC, publishes You Tube Videos to help get the message of city council corruption out to the taxpayers from the mouths of our elected officials themselves. You have got to watch these videos which include bumbling City Council President Monroe Gray's question and answer session at last Tuesday's Meridian Street Foundation forum.

Minority Media Group, LLC and the publisher of the MBE/WBE business pages submitted candidate endorsements to the Indiana Voters League which will be published in a few days. Hoosiers For Fair Taxation also submitted candidate endorsements to the PAC.

Monroe Gray did not disclose his MBE company, Mid-States Concrete, to the city council's ethics board. In fact one of the members of the ethics board was appointed by Monroe Gray himself. Monroe Gray's bankrupt and underfunded construction company is responsible for substandard work on many city projects that have cost the taxpayers dearly.


varangianguard said...

Resume padding. "Everybody" does it. It's not a big deal. These are not the droids you are looking. Move along.

Greg Ballard should hammer on this one. Not hard to make the current numbers much more representative, if he's elected.

hizzoner mayor bart said...

"There's no better evidence of that than the shining example sitting next to me," Peterson said of Monroe Gray in August, when the mayor was asked if Gray's and others' voting on the income tax proposal was a conflict of interest.

Bart Lies said...

Greg Ballard made yet another appearance on the Greg Garrison morning radio show (WIBC 1070). He's been on there several times in the past few weeks. Bart steadfastly refuses to accept Garrison's invite (spanning multiple years).

Anyone who's heard Greg Ballard on there knows he is a genuine, straight-shooting everyman, and he's the right choice for Mayor.

While Garrision is clearly partisan, why would Bart be unwilling to take his case before the microphone, one lawyer to another?

Greg Ballard is the one who's open to talking with the people, whether on-air or in person. Bart is not.

Bart's phony flimsy facade would crumble in a second, that's why. Bart is no more a respectable politician than is Monroe Gray.

We've seen this week what Monroe Gray is really made of. This is the sort of stuff Bart calls a 'shining example'. It follows that Bart is, in his mind, a 'shining example' as well.

Bart, Monroe, Aaron Haith, Kobe Wright, and most of the City Council need to go. We have the opportunity for a fresh, clean start in just 26 days.

Let's not miss our chance to make a better, honest, fair and decent Indianapolis. Vote for Greg Ballard and Kurt Webber. And vote out all the incumbent Councilors that rubber-stamped the COIT (and all the other) tax increases Bart wanted.