"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's Next? Hear economist Dr. Bill Styring debate Morton J. Marcus on property tax elimination

Thanks to our friends at STOPIndiana.com for the update!

Wednesday October 24th from 6pm
The Great Property Tax Debate in Indianapolis
Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association
Fellowship Hall, North United Methodist Church - 38th / Meridian St
From MKNA.org:
Bill Styring, former tax advisor to Governor Otis Bowen, and current advisor to STOP Indiana, will debate IBJ Columnist and former Indiana University Kelley School of Business Professor Morton J. Marcus on what's become the most discussed issue in the State in recent months, namely: Should We Eliminate Property Taxes In Indiana?

It has proven almost impossible to attend a property tax rally or forum without hearing the isue of eliminating property taxes raised. Is it a good idea? Is it even feasible? STOP Indiana cites Bill Styring as its source for saying it is not only feasible, but in fact desirable. Morton J. Marcus writes the "Eye On The Pie" column for the Indianapolis Business Journal, and has written extensively, in recent months, on the property tax issue. As part of the debate, a panel of tax experts, including Steven Johnson from the Indiana Tax Policy Institute, will pose questions for the debaters. We hope you, and the residents of your neighborhoods, will join us for this interesting and informative discussion

Wednesday October 31st from 9:30am
Constitutional Tax Case Hearing
Indiana Supreme Courtroom
Room 317, State House

April, 2008
Reconciliation or "Gotcha" tax bill
Marion County taxpayers forced to pay an upcharge or "reconciliation" bill
A shotgun assessment based on what standard, exactly? Constitution?


Anonymous said...

Reconciliation? We couldn't pay it before how do they expect us to pay it now along with the new one.......

Anonymous said...

Dear Hoosiers for Fair Taxation.....I heard your doing a protest at the Cricle on Saturday. If thats true....you need to contact the folks at the War Memorial to get a permit. The monument is state property and if your going to be there on the monument then you need to contact the folks for a permit.

Anonymous said...

Hey HFFT....thats true you need a permit. The guys at the War Memorial will take good care of you and help you out. I had an event there this summer...and the city never said one word to me about needing a permit to be on state property. A friend of mine told me about needing to go through the War Memorial to be able to be on the property. Thankfully I did, and they were very helpful to me and my group. Had I not did this, they would of not allowed our group to stay. So contact them ASAP!!!!!! Heres their number 233-0991 or 234-1579


HFFT is not the organizer of this event.

However, we did not pull a permit for the rallies we held or any of the tea parties. State property and city property belongs to the people and last we checked the people have a right to assemble and to public free speech.

HFFT did not organize the Black Sunday event either.

Anonymous said...

I am a complete supporter of HFFT and grateful for the events they organize, participating in most held in Indy this summer. I agree it is the people's property and we should assemble in such places.

The point of the permit is not to deter groups from assembling on public property, it really is to plan for extra LEOs and potential traffic issues.

Could you perhaps pass the suggestion on to the organizer? While the "city" may not be thrilled about such rallies, I have found that those city employees with whom one works and the LEOs that show up are right there with us. They have homes too and they don't trust the "city" any more than we do.


Anonymous said...

while i would imagine that any of us who haunt this site want complete elimination of property taxes, it became increasingly clear that was not going to happen.

all things considered, daniels' plan is pretty sound. not sure how he is only doing this with a 1% increase in the sales tax and no income tax component but i am happier than i thought i would be.

perhaps the most important but overlooked part is the accountability for local spending. i LOVE that construction or other large spending projects have to have voter approval. also thrilled that the vast number of assessors are going away and the state is taking over funding of school operations and welfare.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow! HFFT quoted in the Star as "Reaction from KEY PLAYERS." Didn't see a quote from Jen Wagner as a key player.

Anonymous said...

Would have loved to hear Dr. Styring's take on everyting, but he didn't show. What's up with that?


Dr. Styring is in his 80's and is not in the best of health from what we hear. Perhaps he was not able to attend due to health reasons. We are disappointed too.

We understand there are efforts being made to get a position paper written regarding Dr. Styring's property tax elimination plan.

Taxpayer said...

This unfortunately fell apart when neither participant showed up, leaving the so-called "moderators" to hold a sort-of panel discussion at which they rambled about why property taxes can't be eliminated and took questions which they didn't answer. When one frustrated taxpayer attempted to speak her mind, the president of MKNA threatened to remove her (does he work for the Mayor's office?). All in all it was a pretty disappointing affair, but one thing made it all worthwhile -- the unholy trinity of the CCC was lurking in the back -- Joanne Saunders, Jackie Nytes and Monroe Gray. Someone handed Gray a card that was being distributed.... listing the councilors who voted for and against the income tax increase. He put it in his pocket -- no doubt until he could find someone to read it to him.