"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who won last night's mayoral debate?

We think Ballard won the debate with a couple points:

#1. Indianapolis needs a new course
#2. Promised openness and accountablity in local government
#3. Will work to get abandoned houses turned around in 6 months rather than 24 months
#4. Brought up $68 million city budget line item called "other" and made it clear that was unacceptable
#5. Firmly stated how much he loved our city and wants its future secure for his children to call Indianapolis home.
#5. Got choked up when he talked of his wife's naturalization ceremony which showed us that he is deeply patriotic.

Peterson loses for not stepping up in regard to Monroe Gray's ethics and ghost employment. As chief executive of Indianapolis, he should be outraged that an $83,000 year ghost employee is on the IFD payroll!

Who do you think won the debate and why?


Anonymous said...

I had to love it when Bart said "there was no $68 Million budget item named other"...Too bad the lightening didn't hit him, right then!

colonist said...

I would give Ballard the edge based on sincerity and knowing what he wants to do and being outraged at Indy's current condition. As a marine, he is no nonsense and would keep his troops in line. Peterson sidestepped the question on Gray's ethics, claiming his district would decide this November, which is no answer at all. Guess that means if they like 'juice' and were paid off with complementary smoke detectors, it's a wrap. He should have answered that as CEO of this city, unethical behavior would be cause for immediate and thorough investigation of a city employee, and suspend with a leave of absense Gray's participation in the CCC as President.
I believe we can count on Ballard to be a responsible disciplinarian that would take measures for anyone awol. If Peterson wins, he will win by a nose..and we all know about his nose..!