"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, November 2, 2007

Message from Dave Bond of StopIndiana.com

Dear Amigos,

As most of you know, Indy doesn't work, it's broken. Corruption and imperial arrogance are symptomatic of career politicians who desire what they perceive to be power and access, but lack vision and therefore the courage to lead. Many of our citizens don't know how they'll pay excessive property and income tax levies, or if a mismanaged police department will respond to their 911 calls.

Indianapolis can't survive another term of managerial malpractice and remain a top tier city. The only solution to the problem is for you, me and us to vote. Please make time for your city, during the next few days leading up to election day (Tues, 11/6); to make calls, reach out to your circle of friends and family, work the polls and elect responsive people, who view public office as public not self-service.

Greg Ballard can no doubt tell us about his fellow soldiers, some friends, those who voted with their lives, to afford us the opportunity and freedom to enjoy self government; a gift they make available to us at the polls. Those who are eligible but fail to vote, are failing those brave people who died for our right to self government. Forget what the newspapers and cynics say about "who we are," as Hoosiers and Americans, we're better than that, and we can demonstrate it by voting.

Please contact Hobart Scales (937-2796), John Cochran (225-6566, 635-8881) to volunteer at the phone bank, polls, etc. And if you know people who need a ride to the polls on Tuesday, please let them know or call George Dossett (727-2731) who will be taking some folks to the polls.

Remember Indianavotersleague.com where you can view a slate of candidates endorsed on the basis of accountability to citizens and taxpayer friendliness.

Best to you all- Dave

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