"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, November 26, 2007

One Tax Bill From Homeless

2007 Summer of Taxpayer Protest
Meridian Street Signage

How many Marion county and residents from around the state of Indiana are one tax bill from homeless? It is likely that tens of thousands will lose their homes under the current spending habits of Indiana's politicians.

Did you know that politicians use your home as collateral against loans for all kinds of things like fancy libraries and fancy schools? Keep in mind they pay little attention to the 50% dropout rate in IPS or the fact that we don't need fancy buildings to teach kids. They pay little attention to the fact that fatcat administrators are raking in huge salaries while they are proven to be ineffective at raising graduation and test scores.

They tell you that our fire and police protection are at risk if we don't pay up, but that's not the truth. The truth is that we get plenty of money from sales and income taxes to pay for these things. The truth is that our property taxes are critical for politicians to use as collateral for the spending paid for by municipal bonds.

The people spending your money have no accountability but get loads of support from big lobbyist groups to keep up their high levels of spending. In fact, lots of people are getting rich by using YOUR HOUSE as collateral to pay for massive construction projects.

Our legislators have literally had decades to fix the mess, yet none of them did. They spent the majority of the last general assembly arguing for what amounts to legislation promoting the hatred of our state's homosexuals. They tell us they do this to protect our families, as if having property security does not protect our children.

In fact last year the legislators knew a huge property tax crisis was looming and did nothing until the very end of the session and then they slapped together this load of crap we got and the Governor signed it into law. Can't you tell how much the politicians care about you? They wanted to go home after session more than they wanted to work out a solution to this mess.
A few months later after the politicians gave us their slapped together solution...we got our crazy bills. Bills that are not consistent and bills that make no sense. Thanks politicians, this makes us trust you to know best.

We say our politicians do not care our families. We know this by their actions. We also know by their actions that they really care about keeping power, getting votes and appeasing large lobbying groups that give them big cash campaign donations in return for government contracts.

Our politicians do not fool us. We've got their number. And we intend to expose it to the public. Please link your friends here and to the websites we recommend.

Don't ever let them tell you again that your property tax is sky high to pay for sewers, police, and fire. That's a flat out lie. It is sky high to pay for lobbyist interests in exchange for votes, school board spending, insider construction company contracts, law firms, and architectual firms...all are fleecing Indiana's politicians for your money. And sadly, your politicians care more about big special interest groups, money, and power than they do about service to Indiana's citizens.

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation, as well as other activist groups around the state, intend to keep with this fight until it is won for ALL of Indiana's citizens. Please join the revolution. We need your help to win absolute property freedom and absolute property ownership.
Afterall all, when were you asked if your property could be used as collateral by the state?


PIPER said...

I never agreed to co-sign, on a loan (Property tax secured bonds) that THEY (The State) took out, against MY (That which I have purchased & paid for) property.

They need to cut programmes, and earmark those monies to repay those bonds! AND, NEVER COMMIT CREDIT FRAUD AGAINST ANY OF US, EVER AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Show up people-in the streets with the protesters-paper hats and all. Yea, for the protesters! The legislators and the Star paper sneer at us but they are the ones who pushed this fight. How about showing up.

colonist said...

interesting point. I'm guessing that somewhere down the line, our public officials were given the authority by we the people without challenging the fact that our home should be held as a personal sacred trust without government intervention. With only 26% of the electorate voting, it's no wonder a system of overstepping and abuse has resulted in legalized extortion in a city whose past name was 'nap town'. Result: the dilemma we have today with politicians operating without being questioned in a sleeping city. The education that marion county property owners received this summer and the corresponding lesson for politicians in November is only the beginning of an awakening. Thank goodness for HFFT for being a watchdog outlet where information can be offered to the public.Additional ways need to be found to educate the public.