"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Heros and Public Servants: The IMPD & Joe Friday

Joe Friday, Indy's best kept secret
UPDATE : WXIN reports that Greg Ballard received a "rock star" welcome at tonight's F.O.P. reception

I said at the 4th of July Governor's residence press conference that it is the cops who will save our city. And I was right. Many of you might not realize that Indy Undercover, edited by the mysterious and ever-anonymous Joe Friday, is just a little more than a year old, but boy did they accomplish a lot in those months.
They were first to bring attention to the illegal pea shake gambling houses and the people that protect them. They regularly told us about Monroe Gray's ghost employment and unethical actions long before the Indy Star did. They told us about the real Sheriff Anderson and why he is not respected by the uniformed officers on the streets.

For those of us lucky enough to find Indy Undercover in the early days, we learned Indy's news sometimes months in advance by reading their blog. You see, the cops know the streets, the players, and the politics better than anyone. And Joe Friday has some amazing inside connections and informants (intel).

Indy Undercover existed to tattle on Peterson's paranoid and closed administration headed by political patrons, hacks, and corruption that held little regard for police officers or Indy's citizens. Long before Greg Ballard came on the scene, the cops decided that they "Had Enough" and started the blog in an effort to inform Indy's citizens of the truth that they weren't getting from mainstream media like the Indianapolis Star. And as it turns out, Indy Undercover was right.
Indy Undercover was first to talk about Greg Ballard and it was through their blog that I began to feel confident about Ballard as a mayor.

Eventually mainstream media caught on to Indy Undercover, and journalists began reading the blog to get their leads. Gary Welsh, the well respected attorney blogger at Advance Indiana was one of the first to realize that Indy U offered great insight into local government and gave them the respect they are due.

As for Hoosiers For Fair Taxation, we would not exist without Indy Undercover. It was their blog, along with Advance Indiana and Abdul Hakim Shabazz that kept me informed enough to know that the tax crisis was coming. They enabled me to track the storm and when the time was right, I knew what to do to mobilize people. I was informed with the weapon of knowledge.

I can't thank them enough and hope that the cops will continue to be Indy's heros by informing on injustice and corruption whenever and wherever it exists in Indianapolis and trust the activists will act on their "intel".
Indianapolis is fortunate to have law enforcement officers so loyal to her citizens.


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Thank you..and we'll continue to do our best.