"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We love YOU Mayor Ballard !

We have full confidence that Mayor Ballard will put The People over politics and money. He owes no one except We The People. And no one can deny that The People love Mayor Ballard.

We are not going away. There is still more work to be done. But for the next few days I am going to rest and likely not do blog updates.

We hope that our efforts showed citizens that you can make huge difference and we have a lot of control over local government. We hope that many more people will turn out for our future rallies. Our next projects will be the school boards and state legislature property tax crisis. I think last night sent a clear message to our politicians that we will have nothing less than accountability to the rule of law and will expect our elected officials to put the interests of The People ahead of politics.

It is Our Government, as it should be. We are the Dominants and our politicians are the submissives. Never take this responsibility lightly.

See you back here after a few days of rest.

Melyssa Donaghy, volunteer


Anonymous said...

Great work, Melyssa.

Thanks for all of your efforts.

The property tax crisis is due to multiple levels (state & local) of "not-my-problem" governance. The fall of Peterson by the much derided Ballard should serve as a wake up call to our too-often apathetic legislators to take this property tax crisis seriously.

I'm now generally optimistic about the future of Indianapolis, although am still a bit worried that my particular district seemingly will tolerate no end of incompetence (Monroe Gray).

Melyssa said...

Monroe Gray, while still on council, is castrated. I'm going to love watching him sit on CCC meetings in humiliation with no power.

Now that the money and the "juice" is dried up, his puppeteer Aaron Haith will be dethroned, and the people know what he's done to us, he's going to hate serving on council for four years for such little pay.

Monroe is not a public servant and watching him do the job without the juice is sweet victory.

colonist said...

Two thumbs up to Melyssa and Max for their courage to be in the forefront when few else would take the heat. Melyssa did not let us down and did not go away. The CCC's democrat effort to investigate and jettison Monroe Gray 1 week before the election was seen for the political trick that is was and made the CCC look all the worse. The irony is that Monroe kept his job but help cost the Mayor his. They never believed "Remember in November". Wait til next November when it's the State legislators' turn. Catch a breath..it will be fun!

Anonymous said...

You take a well deserved rest, Melyssa.

Wow! I hope people realize a small handful of people got the revolution organized and the fury focues. Melyssa Donaghy is one of them if not the key one. Kudos to Melyssa for crossing her own political lines and supporting Republicans, albeing Republicans with no strings attached (aside: one could argue Bart is more Republican that Greg except when it comes to raising taxes).

For those keeping score:

Melyssa Donaghy -- 18
Jen Wagner -- 14

This ain't over. Let's get some R&R, have a few drinks, and plan. Monroe has got to go.

Let me know what I can do. Maybe some more pictures? LOL.

Loving HFFT!

Zinda St. Anthony

Taxpayer said...

And we'll be there when the bell sounds for the next round! What an amazing coalition this has been. As Pastor Ajabu says so beautifully in his e-mail sign-off -- "You + Me = US". We were heard!

Keep us posted on the next phase!