"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, December 31, 2007


Original Strategy Map
Created on July 27th and 28th 2007
by Melyssa Donaghy & citizen activists

Newly elected Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard sponsored a thank you party for volunteers, property tax and accountability activists in appreciation for their efforts that catapulted him into office in the biggest revolt and upset ever seen in Indy. Held at the Firefighter’s Union Hall on a Saturday afternoon, scores of enthusiastic supporters sat at white festive table clothed tables and feasted marine style on an unending supply of chili, pizza, salad, cookies, soft drinks and beer. Activists were pleased with the appointment of Greg Wilson as Director of minority business development. This follows another reform activist, Kent Smith, newly elected by the people in November for a 2008 city county council seat. The mayor took the opportunity to formally announce his new public safety director, Scott Newman, who was not timid about his goal of lifting the morale of the previous police merger debacle along with concerns for the fire department.

Of note, Activist Melyssa Donaghy, just returning from the Sam Adams Alliance meeting in Chicago with a $5,000.00 Sammy Award of the year for her activist efforts in Tea Party rallies, presented the Mayor with the framed original plaque of the protesters’ strategy planning map that worked to everyone’s advantage. Included was a laminated “Taxpayers’ Declaration of Rights”.

Pinned onto the Mayor’s lapel by Patriot Paul was the Revolutionary War Betsy Ross Freedom Flag, representing freedom from unfair property taxes and freedom for accountability and transparency in government.

Indianapolis has never seen an activist Mayor, until now, but judging from the initial support, this marine will carve a lean machine to guide the city forward, and those sitting on a status quo cushion are justifiably on notice that this is not business as usual.

Patriot Paul

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