"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bart Peterson's world class city is in terrible condition

Abdul is reporting that Ballard's team is finding out that the city is in far worse shape than anyone imagined. All kinds of waste and neglect. Thankfully, we got the problem out of office.

We hope Ballard will hold a press conference soon after he gets a full scope of the problems to tell the citizens just how bad it is. It's likely this whole city will pitch in to help clean it up.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but Bart made sure Irsay is in great condition.

Anonymous said...

This is really strange.

Ballard was a guest for one full hour on Greg Garrison's show this morning.

He couldn't have been more glowing in his praise for Peterson's people and basically said there were places that "probably" could cut spending, and places that they were going to have to expand- including expanding Mayor's Action Center, needing more people, stray dog enforcement, as well as 911 center and of course more police (i.e. MORE BIG SPENDING NEEDED).

Garrison asked him point blank if he was going to reduce the number of deputy mayors (answer: No). He will have chief of staff, 2 deputies, controller, "maybe" another person to lead economic development, plus assistants and then all the department heads. In other words, same as Peterson.

Strange Abdul has such a different twist (esp. when Ballard is spending 9 to 10 am on Garrison's show competing w. Abdul).

Makes you go hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I heard Abdul's claim this morning on his radio show. It was limp, at best.

For those who care to revisit actual history, harken back to December, 1999, when Bart Peterson's transition team was mucking through the mess left behind by Steve Goldsmith.

Goldy, you see, was like GWB: altho he professed loudly to be a fiscal conservative, he actually spent like a drunken sailor. And, more importantly, he madde future commitments to programs and bbudgets that he had no business doing.

Every drawer that was opened, every file unearthed, produced not only actual budgetary obligations (which were known), but promises going well into the future, many unknown and unreported.

You have no idea.

Now Hizzoner Goldsmith teaches newly-elected mayors the ins and outs of city budgeteering, at Harvard. Yeah--build your own joke, because countless others already have.

Nothing Bart is leaving behind could be as bad as he inherited. Which is why Ballard was so kind about Bart on the Garrrison show today. Greg Ballard doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Which Steve Goldsmith cannot say, by the way.

Differences in policy with Bart? Hell yeah. That's why we had an election, and Ballard won, God love him. But there will be no huge fiscal surprises. Priorties will obviously change, but the income/expense side of the broad city budget is sound. Bart took the hit for that. Moody's already upgraded our debt rating as a result.

And no amount of Abdul or IndyU revisionism will change that.