"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Editorial by Paul Wheeler

What a colossal indictment from the blue ribbon panel composed of Indiana’s
Chief Justice Shepard and former Governor Kernan, among others, with a 46 page analysis and recommendation, subtitled “We’ve got to stop governing like this.” Gushing with disgust over an antiquated 1800s horse and buggy system to present day mismanaged, layered inefficiency, their revolt against the status quo reflects the persistent cries from Hoosiers for lawmakers to stop the madness, bleeding, convoluted and unrepresented methods perpetrated on its citizens. Reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party, the report wants the tea thrown overboard and a new beginning: “Only elected officials should have the power to levy taxes”.

Just as various property tax plans are bandied about with various reactions from lobbyists, legislators, and citizens, this will have its share of meat that many cannot or will not digest, especially those who have participated and find no where to run for cover. What a horrible indictment of our current system. No wonder the activist last sentence of the preface states “It will only come to pass if the PEOPLE of Indiana insist on it.” Welcome to the call to activism 2008 with a new Tea Party.

Patriot Paul

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colonist said...

Is the Star News looking at HFFT blogs? Strange 1 day after this article is blogged that Columnist Tully writes on 12-12-07 "The old system, after all, is an outdated as the 'horse and buggy'. hmmm.