"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, December 7, 2007

IPS School Board Needs YOU

Fellow Patriots -

There are four IPS School Board members up for reelection in May. They ALL voted to approve the enormous capital spending bill which RAISED your property tax bill. Time to Flush. Indiana Voters League is looking for candidates who are fiscal conservatives. We must win ALL FOUR of these seats in order to control the vote. Just think. You can get paid to go to meetings. $112 for a board meeting, and $60 for a committee meeting. Plus you get a meter sticker so you don't have to pay for parking downtown. Plus 2,000.00 per year.
Seats available to fiscal conservatives who want Indiana education to be the best in the nation, AND who realize good education has little to do with bricks and mortar. Got ambitions? Remember Dick Lugar started his career on the School Board. Slating starts in January, so make your plans now. Interested? Contact Laura Chatain

Here are the available seats and the flushees - Click maps to enlarge view

One at large member. You can live anywhere in the IPS school district. You will defeat Clark Campbell

District 2 - You will defeat Mary Busch. You need to live in this district. Map follows.

District 1 You will defeat Marianne Zaphirious

District 4 You will defeat Dianne Arnold


Anonymous said...

Mary Busch has been on the IPS board for 30 years. When she was first elected, IPS had some of the best schools in the state and now it has some of the worst! Coincidence?--I don't think so.

Good luck beatng her, but sadly, like Monroe Gray, she may be unbeatable.

Anonymous said...

No one is unbeatable. How soon they forget Bart.

We like having Monroe Gray on council, completely humiliated and powerless.

We know a dolt like Gray couldn't possibly be interested in a council meeting unless he was raking in big $$$ from being there.

Whatever will he do next year without Aaron Haith to pull his strings when he needs to talk?