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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Steve Keltner says property tax repeal "ain't rocket science"

Steve Keltner is PRO REPEAL
Steve is running for Indiana Senate District 30 !
He intends to un-seat incumbent Senator Lubbers
and bring compassion back to the district.
This Ain't Rocket Science
by Steve Keltner
I spent yesterday morning at the State House listening to a committee hearing on property tax circuit breakers. Needing a break from the subject, I got into a conversation with an acquaintance regarding elimination of the property tax.

Our conversation took an interesting twist. We started discussing how in the 1960's John F. Kennedy decided to put a man on the moon. He asked me, "Is eliminating property taxes tantamount to putting a man on the moon?" Of course not. After he refreshed my memory on all the steps that had to occur so Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, I added a small but vital piece to the conversation.

I remember reading that before JFK announced to the world that America would put a man on the moon, he consulted NASA director Wernher von Braun and asked, "What would it take to put a man on the moon?" Von Braun's answer: "The will to do it." Plain & Simple: This is not rocket science people.

All the vehicles we need to eliminate the property tax are in place. We need to rely on Economists like Bill Styring who have already figured out how to make it work. Elimination of property taxes should be easier than putting a man on the moon. One small step from our legislators, would be one giant step for Hoosiers.

The acquaintance Steve Keltner references speaking with at the State House is none other than StopIndiana's very own Dave Bond. Dave sure gets around, doesn't he? He's got Melyssa saying the same phrase about repeal. Our movement owes a whole lot to Dave Bond and attorney John Price of StopIndiana.com! --HFFT editor


Angry Republican said...

Senator Lubbers represents district 30, not district 7.


Piper said...

AR, remember your plea for kindness, in a previous post:

"An iconoclast is defined as one who makes it a practice to bring down idols and smash popularly held illusions. Most people view this as a negative thing. The trouble with that viewpoint is that nature is in and of itself iconoclastic. It is in the nature of things to change, and a static belief will collapse of its own accord, and under its own weight."

" The most famous but unrecognized iconoclastic statement ever made is hidden in plain sight in the Bible. "Thou shalt not bow down unto any graven image." It does not say, "thou shalt not worship idols," although that is what the phrase is conventionally taken to mean. Rather, it says not to "bow down to," which means "do not allow conventions to rule you."

More important is the phrase "graven image." How much closer can you get to the words "static idea" without actually saying them? In fact, the Hebrew for this phrase is actually closer to "static idea" than to anything else. This commandment is an indictment of the human penchant for popularity cults.

There have been in human history many ideas which, once popular, have assumed the proportions of divine writ in terms of human reaction to them. "The earth is flat," for instance. The theory of "aether," for another. Every time an idea of this nature has arisen, it has fallen to the scientists to provide martyrs. Again and again, one man stands against the mob, defying ideas which though false have gained a life of their own.

Too many of these iconoclasts have died for their defense of reason. Again, to use the Bible as an illustration, Adam and Eve are sent out of Eden because they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Not because they were sinners, but because innocence depends on lack of knowledge. Once an understanding of morality is gained, there can be no innocence. They were sent forth from the garden because it was a place of innocence, and they were by definition no longer innocent.

Human beings have a built - in tendency towards the static. Inertia is as strong in human behavior as it is in physics, and for the same reasons. The difference is that humans can act against inertia, even thought they so rarely choose to do so. This, not intelligence, language, or the ability to walk on two legs, is what distinguishes the human race from animals: animals will always follow the path of least resistance, and humans have the ability to deny the path of least resistance.

A fox with its leg in a trap will chew its own leg off to escape; this is the path of least resistance, to flee a superior foe rather than risk death. A human in the same situation may very well choose to remain in the trap, in order to attempt vengeance upon his or her captor; or perhaps choose to set a trap for the trapper. Animals cannot do this. An animal in captivity will always choose flight over fight, never vice versa.

The Bible warns us against this. Human beings, having been given knowledge of good and evil, cannot afford to fall into the trap of inertia, because laziness with regard to morality inevitably leads to evil. Morality is a constant vigilance and struggle, and the conflict is what refines us and makes us improve. Without change, there can be no growth, and all life functions under the same rule: grow or die.

The role of the iconoclast is a critical one in human existence. An iconoclast serves to remind us, and on occasion to demonstrate personally, that just because ideas are widely held does not mean that they are correct, merely that there are lots of people who share it. Communism has been amply demonstrated as a flawed political system, but there are still multitudes who believe in it. Just because they are a majority in some places gives no indication as to the idea's validity.

To put it succinctly, there are over a billion communists in the world, but that doesn't make communism any smarter. What the communists, in particular, are so desperate to receive is an iconoclast; but when he or she comes, I for one feel sorry for them. The human race has a long-standing tradition of killing the messenger, however important the message."

Source: Internet, unknown


"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from the government." ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

Angry Republican said...

Uh, okay. I was only trying to point out an error. I didn't think I was being unkind. I'm not sure how it came across as unkind, but I wasn't trying to be.


piper said...


I was simply pointing-out the unkindness of the system, as it stands.

Please, don't take personal umbrage to a statement of fact as regards the State sponsored slavery of property tax.

Anonymous said...

Property Taxes Must Go. Umbrage to the State is Outrageous.

County & Township Assessors need to go. A complete reform and streamlining of this antiquated County & Township Government needs to occur. Legislators who waffle on this political hot potato need to be voted out. One more housecleaning in the next election will send a message to these elected for life politicos. Bauer, Kenley, and Mitch need to see the light. Career Politicians & Property Taxes Must Go.

Angry Voter