"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Williams, Morgan & Welsh: Persons of honor the activists request be given cabinet level positions with Ballard's administration

The People have every right to have a say in who runs our city. Afterall, we pay the bills and the city belongs TO The People. We ARE the boss, the dominants, the controllers of our Government. Therefore, we feel it is duty to make recommendations for mayoral appointments. We also feel it is our place to offer opinion regarding individuals who we suspect may be self-serving over working passionately toward the interests of The People.

Let's talk about honor.

One person is Ken Morgan who founded the PAC, Indiana Voters League. Ken is a guy who got involved only because his neighbor knocked on his door in a state of fear and shock when she received her tax bill. THAT is the mark of a person with compassion. He has an awesome resume and quite a bit of executive level experience with the Federal Government. His resume is published here. Ballard is in need of an executive level press secretary and we feel that's the perfect place for Ken to start. Of course Ken has a multitude of talents to offer The People of Indianapolis in addition to his communication and PR skills. If something happened to the Mayor, Ken is the kind of guy who can keep things running and keep people calm. He is an unusually brilliant, grounded, and balanced guy.

Another guy we really like is Gary Welsh, the attorney that writes Advance Indiana , who had a lot to do with Ballard getting elected. Not only did Gary interview and get to know and promote Ballard's platform, but he was a watch dog for us inside the Peterson administration.

Now, it is no lie that Gary has enemies out there. Anyone who calls out lies and hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle as much as Gary does is bound to make them. He weathers it well too. Gary is a sharp and capable lawyer with lobbying and bond experience; a skill set useful in any city government. He also knows where a lot of the bodies are buried in city hall.

At any rate, Gary doesn't have a problem calling out political shenanigans on both sides of the aisle. The TAXPAYERS (the ones that pay the bills) need someone inside city government who has the backbone to tell it like it is and not play politics. We like Gary as corporate counsel or perhaps on the CIB. We think he'll keep the political snakes honest. And that's exactly why some do not want him there. Ballard can trust Gary.

We also like attorney Darla Williams for a role to oversee MBE/WBE contracts. Darla is another person we have observed that cannot be bought or sold. She has strong experience as a bond attorney and worked on the Colts Stadium deal. We have also seen her passion first hand to elevate the black community so that a platform is created where ALL have an opportunity to participate, not just insiders. To this end, she is passionate. And while Darla may have her critics, like Gary, it is because she calls out the problems on both sides of the aisle and is a passionate person. We want passionate people working for our city!

Gary Welsh, Darla Williams, and Ken Morgan will make EXCELLENT cabinet level members of Ballard's administration. And not one of them is too good to pick up the phone to talk to a citizen. That is something we have not been used to for the last eight years.


Advance Indiana said...

Melyssa, Thank you for your kind comments. Both Ken and Darla are imminently qualified to serve Ballard in their respective fields. Ken has most assuredly had good training in crisis management given his public affairs experience in the nuclear energy field and would be a valuable asset to the new administration. My phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook since Ballard's election victory and I certainly don't have any delusions about that changing any time soon, but thanks again for your kind comments.

Darla said...

Thank you Melyssa, I am honored to have the Hoosiers for Fair Taxation vote of confidence.

My goal is to encourage open government and greater inclusion for ALL.

I appreciate Hoosiers for Fair Taxation recognizing me, Ken and Gary as the professionals we are; some only see us when we remove our business suits, slip into our blue jeans, roll up our sleeves and work for The People for a few months.

Similar to lawyers and administrators called to Iraq for duty, we are lawyers and administrators who were called to duty during a time of fiscal crisis in our city, Indianapolis.

I wear my badge of honor proudly!

colonist said...

These are great individuals who have a genuine concern for accountability in public life and can walk the path to reflect that.

Anonymous said...

I personally endorse each of the following people as I feel they are not only higly qualified for positions in Ballard's cabinet, but they will also lead by integrity and professionalism.

Like most cities, states, and our federal government, we cannot afford to continue placing the wrong people in power and we must encourage that our leaders represent us with honesty and not by appeasement.

Wayne Kirk
Realtor & Broker-Manager

schoolboardgreg said...

I have met two of the three and agree that they deserve a seat at the table.

Melyssa said...

I have networked extensively with all three persons. In my estimation all have great passion for our city, will work long hours on her behalf, and are incapable of lying.

Ken Morgan is an intellectual with a cool head and brilliant PR skills and an ideal background which includes military service to work with Ballard.

Ms. Williams is amazing. That woman works day and night on behalf of this city. Her passion is to make sure ALL of Indy's minority and women owned businesses get a seat at the table. Currently there is an elite extremely greedy clicque that controls OUR money for themselves. We think government contracts should go to the most qualified....not to no-bid contractors who are in the right clicque or give payoffs behind closed doors. Ms. Williams also has a military background and will work well with The People's Mayor.

Gary Welsh is amazing. He knows this city inside and out. He tells the truth even when it hurts. He's a very capable attorney and will go along way to keeping people in city hall honest! Gary can't stand a hypocrite or a liar. Those are great qualities that I personally hold in highest regard. There is a whole pack of people trying to keep Gary Welsh from getting into city government. Why is that? Perhaps they fear their gravy train will be exposed. Gary is friend to the taxpayer with a well grounded ethic.

And I didn't work day and night last summer so that we could have the same pack of thieves and liars controlling things. We deserve to have the people we want running our city. We all worked very hard for it!

Bart Lies said...

I haven't met Gary Welsh in person, but have read his words for a long time. Ken and Darla, I have met and seen 'in action'.

There is no question in my mind of the dedication each one has to an open, honest, fiscally-responsible Indianapolis. None are 'buyable' in my estimation. These are the kinds of people that were sorely lacking in the Peterson era. These ARE the kinds of people that Indianapolis needs to emerge from it's dark cloud of cronyism.

Anonymous said...

I have had phone conversations with Ken Morgan and have been most favorably impressed.

I have not yet met the other two, but all three sound like honest, responsible fiscal conservatives - the kind of people we MUST have in our city government.

Penny Bigelow
Citizens 4 Education

Morgan said...

I am flattered by your endorsements and thank you for your kind regard. However, I encourage you to respect Gregg Ballard’s wisdom in the choice of who he might wish to assist him.

People in political office frequently appoint people to please some constituency rather than from respect for a person’s competence. The outcome is a cabinet that the politician does not particularly trust. The worst example is the US presidency. The cabinet officers are mostly chosen for political expediency rather than technical qualification. One Secretary of Energy was a dentist who’s principle qualification for the post was that he brought a lot of California votes. Political office on those grounds is not public service but spoils of war.

Because of the spoils system, the Presidents tend to create an alternate private staff they can trust. The White House is filled with personal staff, sometimes called the “kitchen cabinet” that really develops policy. We sure don't need that in Indianapolis.

I would be pleased to help Mayor Elect Ballard, especially in areas of communication, public participation, and transparency. However, it is vitally important that he have people on his stiff who he can trust, who are personally loyal, and who understand how he thinks. Without that, he cannot be effective in office. So, while your endorsement is flattering to me, and may be helpful to him, in the end, there needs to be good chemistry between Ballard and his staff. That mixture is Ballard’s to make.

Ken Morgan

Andrew Horning said...

Well said, Ken. But I hope none of you forget what you accomplished as ordinary folks pummeling the fancy pants from the outside.
I really hope none of you forget what government does to us AT BEST (there has never been a truly benevolent government in all of human history, and the weak are never given an even shot. Never. We rarely even ask for that, do we?) ...and that the best government ever does never comes from the status quo.
Only eternal vigilance keeps the deadly power of government off our throats.
Only uppity citizens are free.