"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, December 17, 2007

Presidential candidate, Ron Paul raises $6 million in just one day

Americans "LOVE" Ron Paul

Q: What presidential candidate receives the most on line searches?
A: 45% of all internet searches for a presidential candidate are for Ron Paul.

Yesterday Congressman Ron Paul, candidate for president, raised over $6 million in a single day on December 16th and broke a new fundraising record.

And Paul's campaign donations are not coming from big corporate interests or wealthy donors either. Oh no! His campaign donations are coming from hundreds of thousands of normal folks like you and me who want small, accountable government that obeys the Rule of Law.

Ron Paul has grass roots supporters unlike any other presidential candidate. They hold regular meetings, rally frequently on his behalf, and blog and You Tube like mad to heighten awareness of this fiscal conservative and socially liberal and very ethical candidate. He is not to be underestimated. Should Paul win the presidency, he will close the doors of the IRS forever. Yep, that's right. No more income tax!

If you haven't checked out Ron Paul yet, please do. As a true conservative congressman he:

--never voted to raise taxes
--never voted for an unbalanced budget
--never voted to raise congressional pay
--never voted to increase the power of the executive branch
--voted against regulating the Internet
--does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program
--repeatedly been named the "Taxpayers' Best Friend" in Congress
--is serving his 10th term in the US House


colonist said...

This is beyond startling. I remember another candidate from that area named Ross Perot (self supporting millionaire) who was very conservative and developed a 3rd party. Looks like Ron Paul is an honorable common sense person. I hope he makes a positive difference.

Anonymous said...

The blimp is real! It was not funded by Ron Paul's official campaign, but by the "Paulites" as they are known. Paulites are independent Ron Paul grass roots supporters. This support was in the vein of the grass roots support Greg Ballard had in Indy.

They pledge to raise as much money as it takes to keep the blimp in the air travelling across the country until the election. Masses will gather at every appearance of the blimp to cheer it on, city by city.

It is looking very good that Ron Paul can sweep the Republican nomination in spite of the insistence of main stream media stating he cannot.

Remember Ballard. No one exvcept his grass roots base predicted his win.

Angry Republican said...

Anonymous wrote:
"Remember Ballard. No one exvcept his grass roots base predicted his win."

The mayoral election is determined b popular vote; the presidential election is note. It's an entirely different ball game, to say nothing of the sheer difference in size.

Clearly, it appears to me that he has momentum of some type, but at the end of the day, I suspect the best he'll do is pull votes away from someone else and be a spoiler.

With respect to his positions, he has some learning to do: as much as he may want, the president cannot eliminate the IRS in the first week in office (only Congress can eliminate it, and getting them to do anything that quickly is almost impossible); it's probably not a good idea to refer to the IRS as "the Gestapo" - that term has a particular meaning, and frankly, I find it offensive for him to use that term as if somehow what the IRS does is as bad as what the Gestapo actually did.

Beyond those two items, he certainly strikes the right chords for libertarians, no question.

Now, if enough people nationwide are as fed up as the folks here, he may have a chance. I just don't think that's the case, frankly.


Anonymous said...

Angry Republican, Ron Paul is not the one that has learning to do. It is the politicians who do not obey the Constitution that have the learning to do. Sounds like people all over the country are waking up and think that Ron Paul is the one who gets it right. Do some reading on line about it. There are countless Ron Paul sites started by his support base. He has a grass roots volunteer campaign that is no where near any of his competitors. He pisses off the status quo. Perhaps you would be less angry if Ron Paul were in office and gave our country some dignity and upheld the constitution. His support base is far more than the declared Libertarians. Democrats and republicans are working hard to get him elected. The brain behind the money bomb is a 37 year old who never voted in his life. People across the country see Ron Paul as hope, and with good reason.

Angry Republican said...

In one of the debates, I believe, he said that his first week as president he would abolish the IRS. The president cannot do that. That's, in part, why I said he has learning to do.

If you respect the Constitution, then you respect the role of the branches of government, and eliminating the IRS is not a power the president possesses.



You are right, Angry Republican.

I think he does understand he can't get rid of the IRS in a day, however, he will move heaven and earth to see it happen...and he'll have a whole lot of REVOLUTIONARY troops armed and ready to march into battle for our country!

Angry Republican said...

If he believes he can't do it, then he shouldn't say he will do it in the first week, don't you think?

I'm not trying to pick on him - he's a smart guy, and I like a lot of what he says.

But when he doesn't eliminate the IRS in week 1, as he said he would do, I would expect you and others to be demanding that he keep his promises.


Melyssa said...

Yep, Angry Republican....I do see your point. And frankly, I've thought that myself.

DO you have any idea just how badly I want the Fair Tax?

Angry Republican said...

I've long been a proponent of a national sales tax (not a VAT, but just a straight sales tax.)

Unlikely to ever happen. And, I'll be candid, that a number of things ought to be exempted (food, medicine, medical services). I think the tax is somewhat regressive, so to the extent the tax can be leveled out, I think it ought to be.

And, of course, I'm opposed to income taxes.

But, I suspect we'll always have some combination of income tax and sales tax (and probably property tax, too.)


Angry Republican said...

BTW, what's this story I read about Ron Paul getting a contribution from a white supremacist and not returning it? That just looks bad (I think I saw the story at drudgereport.com).

If it's true, it's just leaves a terrible impression (and, given that he trivialized the Gestapo by calling the IRS the Gestapo, it makes me wonder about him.)


Quiverdaddy said...

Does Dr. Paul support the Fair Tax? I know he hasn't a prayer at winning the nomination, but maybe he could serve in the administration of someone who is a Fair Taxer.... maybe as the running mate to one of the "establishment guys".

Is Ron Paul "endorsed" by Hoosiers for Fair Taxation, or is this a personal blog with the same name? Inquiring minds want to know :-)