"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Tax protestors to ILLUMINATE plot by senator to kill SJR 0008


(northside parking lot)
January 3, 2008, 5:30 pm
Media Contacts:
Dave Bond 317-446-6435
Max Katz 765-409-6669

"Votives to expose their motives"
Senator Long will not get away with quietly killing SJR 0008 in rules committee

Property tax protestors will rally with candles at the State House on Thursday January 3rd to bring illumination to the plot of fervent anti-repeal Senator David Long (R) to kill SJR 0008 in the Senate Rules Committee without a hearing by the public and their elected representatives. Citizens are aware that this is a political ploy used against the taxpayer in attempt to take property tax repeal out of the discussion for the 2008 legislative session thus making it impossible for legislators to vote for property tax repeal according to the demands of Indiana's citizens.

Citizen tax protestors understand that property tax is collateral used without consent of the taxpayer to guarantee many municipal bonds for municipal construction projects. This runaway government spending, in turn, is causing many homeowners to face the real potential of losing their homes and a lifetime of security.
Protestors will assemble on the northside of the State House with signs, patriotic costumes, candles, flashlights, and other illumination devices to demand that SJR 0008 is heard on the legislative floor by the elected state representatives of The People who expect property tax to be permanently abolished in the State of Indiana.


Redhead said...

I was at the Indiana State Library last Thursday to look up something in the Indianapolis News in 1932.

I came across an article in the process that caught my eye. It read
"Republicans Want to get Rid of Township Assessors" imagine that!! 75 years have passed and nothing has changed!

Redhead said...

Does anybody know what happened to the Law Suit that the Tax Protesters paid John Price to take to court?

Last I heard, John Price and the tax protesters went before the judge, about 10 days or so before the election, and the judge said he'd make a decision? Well what was the decision of the judge? I cannot find anyone who knows???

Is the judge gonna make up his mind in our lifetime or what?