"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Andy Horning explains to Indy Star what our Constitution FORBIDS!

Here Andy Horning gets at the crux of the matter. Taxes are out of control not because of schools, police, fire safety, or roads. It is the bond debt.

Taxes are out of control because our lawmakers are not accountable to the rule of law. And the citizens have failed to properly parent rogue politicians and force accountability to the rule of law.

Taxes are out of control because of municipal loans are backed by the private property of citizens as collateral! This illegal act of theft was not disclosed to Indiana's property owners, nor did a single Indiana property owner co-sign a legal agreement for their property to be used to guarantee bond debts .

Who is at fault? The legislators or the bond banks for writing the illegal deals backed by our property? The politicians in office swore to uphold and defend our property and the constitution. Instead they ignored their oaths. and the law.

Why hasn't our media asked the state exactly how much of our property tax is used to to pay the interest on the bond debt? We promise you it is far more than township government costs the taxpayer. The number will be staggering.
--HFFT editor

Constitutions forbid
by Andy Horning

"Article I, Section 22, of the Indiana Constitution forbids the seizure and sale of homes for payment of taxes. Article 8 taxes only corporate property, not personal property, for public schools. Actually, most of what Indiana government now does is clearly forbidden by both the Indiana and federal constitutions our politicians swear to uphold and defend."

So the bottom line is that we’ve worried enough about the methods and degrees of taxation. It’s time to wonder why we pay any taxes at all to our lawbreaking lawmakers.

Our money goes to mall developers and foreign corporations, yet we have to pay extra for our day in court. School taxes pay for sports stadiums and half-million-dollar-a-year college coaches, but not for books.

Our police don’t investigate property crimes anymore, yet they have time for speed traps and road blocks. They make parents drug their kids, yet they kick in your door if you don’t “Just Say No.” And your home or business will be taken from you if a campaign contributor wants it. All of this is unconstitutional, not just immoral.

So it’s frustrating to see how many of us have become convinced that abolishing the property tax would, by itself, solve anything. It would only make the other taxes worse, while filling the coffers of the dangerously corrupt.

The problem is that our government is ungoverned. We must either demand that politicians obey written laws as written, or quit whining about the anarchy we permit.

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