"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Could Bart & Co. be next on Feds list? What documents were shredded?

With the recent sentencing of corrupt city councilors in Lake County, you would think that someone here in the media would be looking further into the shredding of the citizens' documents that was carried out non-stop by Bart Peterson's administration during the week before Mayor Ballard took over.

On a previous blog entry, we asked a lot of questions. We're not the only ones that want further investigation. The folks over at Indy Tax Dollars are also irritated that no further investigation seems to be underway.

Rumor has it that bushels of documents were copied and slipped out of City Hall during Bart's administration by insiders who are taxpayer advocates and that the documents are stashed away somewhere safe in the city.

Over at Digital Farmers blog, it is reported that an unnamed local blogger was recently contacted by the FBI wanting information regarding circumvention of federal laws. Could that be a blog exposing corruption by Marion county public officials?

Will the dirty politics on the taxpayer dime never end?


Anonymous said...


This is critical critical critical. ANYTHING to be accomplished in the way of property tax reform needs full attention right now. The Mayor and his people will figure things out WE GOTTA MOVE ON.

Passing bills is happening fast and furious AS IS DEATH of bills. The State of State, hearing on SJR... Don't STOP THERE! What is REALLY NEEDED is STRONG PUSH on Kernan-Shepherd recommendations for Reform. THIS is where legislators MUST hear from the people.

Everyone knows the people want property tax reduction/elimination/reform. What they MUST hear, even more importantly, is from CITIZENS to SUPPORT the reforms to reduce spending!

THis is more critical than anything else because the is NO END of business, government, and other interests with well paid lobbyists who will pick apart and destroy the recommendations for reform and spending reduction is THE PEOPLE don't speak UP!

Focus Focus Focus!!

The Mayor can frankly do very very little to cut overall local government spending in ANY WAY to lead to property tax elimination/reduction/reform. Most of it is hidden elsewhere!


Fight EVERY bill that proposes new government spending and programs! Fight for reform of local government! Fight spending sponsored even by those who say they support property tax elimination!

Anonymous said...

You think you guys had it bad. You ought to live in New Albany Indiana. Our new council just gave our new mayor a $11,000 raise before he even walked in the door. He now has 2 deputy mayors. Talk about a train wreck in progress. He has our council stacked and several are bought and paid for. We wish we could outline the corruption and gross misconduct that is plaguing our city, I couldn't summarize it all and do it justice!