"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, January 7, 2008


"Legislators, The pressure is on"
South Bend Tribune

"Rethinking the property tax in the legislature"
Courier Press Evansville

"Hoosier reality check begins on property taxes"
The Howey Political Report

"Tax reform debate stirs passions
Advocates for repeal threaten lawmakers with ouster in fall"

Journal Gazette Ft Wayne

"Appeasing the repeal crowd"
Journal Gazette Ft Wayne

His Messianic complex to be the sacrificial lamb as the target of protests because his colleagues have enough heat already is self indulgent and speaks more about his preoccupation with himself than the property tax problem. The same tired responses hover around his following 3 arguments:

1) Property tax repeal does not offset the $ for services

2) Plays havoc with the Bond market

3) Short session does not permit a total overhaul of Government and relief is needed now.

Long’s arrogance on the entire matter is to pat the head of activists and say nice try but come again in a few years; just go away.

This dismissive attitude was seen in several of public hearings where those opposing the governor’s plan had to sign a separate speaking list pushing opposing speakers at days end for those that went without lunch. Back of the bus mentality was also viewed in some cases when legislators spoke for hours before the many in public attendance became the few tired and exhausted when finally offered a moment to speak their mind. Media reports indicate Long is anxious to get this resolved one way or another and kick something to the House for final negotiation. Like the Governor, Long wants to spin himself as the savior of his constituents by touting an anything-but-repeal notion would be a tax cut for his voters. Yes, that is what it’s all about: Votes. Just put a band-aid on a diseased body, spin it as a tax cut and hope it goes away. One word of caution for Long & company: this Messianic complex leading your band of Committee members where no man has gone before is self destructive and does nothing to alleviate the annual threat of the government seizing people’s homes for failure to pay into a broken system which by most accounts is unfixable and why nothing short of elimination will cure this annual feudalistic extortion perpetrated upon home owners. Does your tax break solve that question? NO. You want to pat us on the head like puppies and say come again in a few years? Until you can remove the condescending attitude rampant within the statehouse and get real with fellow Hoosiers who recognize a band-aid when they see one, kicking this quick fix to the House and being dismissive to a permanent long-term solution is not representative of the people, who in every poll want the elimination of this travesty. You talk about steps. Where is your second step?

Patriot Paul

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