"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, January 25, 2008


Governor Daniels Mistake of the State Address did not cater to ‘repeal’ of property taxes. His few references to it elsewhere in other forums indicated he sympathized with repeal advocates who he claimed had their heart in the right place. Lawmakers have indicated openly they did not push it, because it was not part of the Governor’s reform package, and they were not about to take the lead unless they followed the Governor’s endorsement.


January 15 - Citizens repeatedly shouted “Repeal” to Daniels while entering the Statehouse room

January 16 - Daniels defended his original plan and mentioned repeal was a nice idea but not now.

January 24 - Speaking at the Southern Indiana Realtors Association in hard hit Jeffersonville, In., the Louisville Courier-Journal quotes Daniels: “I am in favor of repealing property taxes”, “If a bill comes to me, I’d sign it”.

Yet Daniels never pushed his philosophy, never wove it into his reform package as a principle ingredient and never encouraged lawmakers to devise a workable plan with that goal in mind. The simple caps he proposed may be constitutionally challenged and begs the question that if going for a Constitutional amendment, why settle for Constitutional caps instead of permanent repeal if he truly believes in repeal. Why not become of leader of repeal and make a way for it to happen? That’s what the CEO of our State is required to do; be a leader and fight for the convictions he believes in.

Is it possible that after his unhappy public welcome at the Statehouse, the disapproval of revolting Hoosiers gathered at the Statehouse Taxing Time broadcasted live to hundreds of thousands of citizens, that lip service is the only thing left to boost his sagging popularity in an election year? This transparency will be left up to the voters in November.

Patriot Paul


Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that the entire bunch wants to send this plan through so fast we won't see the ink dry in order to make us all go away.

stopindiana said...
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Pete Bogs said...

Some say the transparency to which you refer will be seen as early as May.

Citizen activist said...

What they don't get is that we are not going away. We're only getting bigger and more networked statewide.

Citizens woke up, folks. The politicians need to get used to the fact that the public is getting wise to their games in increasing numbers every day.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of backpedaling...

Aren't you a little irritated Greg Ballard turned out to just be another greedy sleazebag politician dazzled by the $$ and swag thrown at him after he won.

Ha, jokes on all who voted for him. He hasn't said word one or done a thing about property taxes or reducing local spending since the day he took office.


Greg Ballard has been in office for 3 weeks. We are happy he is acting quickly on getting IMPD under control.

He still supports property tax repeal, but since he's not in the statehouse there is nothing he can personally do to enact it.

It's important that Greg battle the issues facing the city and we're holding judgement for a little longer than one month.

Afterall, he inherited an office that was left as a complete disaster by Peterson. He wasn't even given the keys! We think it is fair not to pass judgement after just a few weeks. Don't you?