"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Part 1

Hundreds of Thousands of Hoosiers were assassinated last night by 12 Senators who claimed they had reservations about SJR 8 known as the repeal of property taxes bill. Claiming lawmakers spent a whole 5 ½ hours studying the matter, they remained with unanswered questions as to all of its consequences and voted 12-0 to kill it, dashing hopes for all Hoosiers jeopardized with overburdened property taxes with a failed and broken system that needs a desperate overhaul.

Room 431 was the crime scene as citizens took up every seat and the remainder watched on the monitor outside the closed doors. A statehouse officer came into the room and removed signs of “Let us Vote” from citizens’ hands. No one was smiling and most Senators’ heads looked downward with few eye contacts with the public. How could they. They knew what they were about to do exposed their moral and economic failure. A funeral was about to take place, delegated by a caucus not open to the public. But these 12 Senators became the executioners, who with open self-gratulatory comments and praise for each other about their funeral preparation for Hoosiers, then pressed a button to nuke their employers; the citizens of Indiana. Never mind if they had years to fix the escalating problem. Never mind if the studies during last summer to the present were not in their crosshairs. Never mind if citizens complained about lawmaker’s preoccupation with lobbyists’ demands from schools and unions. And never mind if they skate around Constitutional issues by hiding behind every dark loophole and procedural tactic, reminiscent of the City County lockout this past summer. For lawmakers, citizens were a crying nuisance that attracted notice to status quo and incompetent politics, so they killed them.

Media, including the Chicago Tribune, arrived to watch the spectacle of what ugliness reared its head within Indiana. As if to comfort Hoosiers, Senate Bill 100 was invented to study taxation restricted to homestead property only. If passed, this summer study would be required to offer its proposals for the 2009 legislature, conveniently after the November, 2008 election.

Fuming citizens picked up their previously confiscated signs outside the door and held their own caucus, determined that total Repeal can eventually be the Lazarus for citizens to come forth from their grave to live a less oppressed life.

Totally missed by lawmakers is not just the remedy to fix economic problems, but the moral imperative for Hoosiers to own permanently their property without fear of confiscation from the State’s annual eviction notice for failure to pay a ransom note into a broken system. No sugar-coated pill is going to pacify Hoosiers who will make November an interesting election with incumbents on a flush list.

Paul Wheeler

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colonist said...

This is a factual article. Too bad the media, including their Statehouse reporters, failed to pickup on this pivotal event in Indiana's history.