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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Miller bundling property tax repeal with SJR7 (gay marriage bill)

At noon on Friday February 1, Eric Miller will lead another rally at the State House in continued effort to push repeal for property tax. The theme of the rally is "Let the People Vote".

While we greatly appreciate the successful work of Eric Miller to pressure our legislators toward the goal of repeal, is it really necessary to dillute the issue by bundling it with the gay marriage bill? This will only distract from the repeal issue as many pro-repeal homeowners are sickened by government intrusion into our personal lives and marriages. We have not forgotten that our legislators gave SJR 7 a great deal of time during the 2007 session, while putting off discussion aimed to avert the looming property tax crisis.

It is past time to separate religion and personal beliefs in God from our government. With the track record our government has, do you really trust them to legislate the will of God too?

Does Eric Miller not have enough faith in his omnipotent personal God to find a way intervene in the lives of humankind without government intervention?


John said...

You aren't really clear here, and I haven't followed it. Is the "gay marriage bill" to allow gay marriage or forbid it?

John said...

Nevermind, I looked it up, and I am absolutely disgusted that Miller would do this.

Taxpayer said...

I'm disappointed and disgusted, but not surprised. I'm afraid Mr. Miller has made his real priorities well known for many years. I have the sad feeling that We the People have been used as a hitching post for issues that many of us strongly disagree with, and we've unwittingly increased visibility for those very issues. I doubt I'm alone in feeling betrayed.

another disgusted taxpayer said...

Yep, y'all may be suckers.

This has been Miller's main horse for years. He only glommed on to property taxes to increase his fold and thus his perceived influence.

At the bottom line, of course, Eric Miller is about Eric Miller and Eric Miller's pocketbook. He has to keep pandering to those who started his gravy train (conservative Christian homobigots) and those who hopped (tax reformers). He wants to keep collecting everyone's $, you know.

That's exactly what's going on .

Anonymous said...

This ruins my connection with Mr. Miller, this is what happened last year when the legislature spent last session quibbling on this subject. I have begun to realize the legislators really use the marriage amendement as a smokescreen to keep them from doing what they should be doing thinking we are dopes and won't realize their tricks.Everyone start lobbying to make them separate the issues.

adt said...

Oh yeah. And speaking of Millers, Sen. Pat Miller wants to spend endless debate on whether a doctor should be required to tell women a fetus may feel pain.

Forget property taxes, let's launch this annual debate again and waste a lot of time on it.

Melyssa said...

I knew a lot of the public felt this way because I do too. That's why I wrote the post.

Within hours of the news coverage of the property tax rally I organized on the 4th of July at the Governor's mansion, Eric Miller was harnessing the homo hatred machine to the property tax anger.

This posturing sickens me, as ALL of Indiana's citizens need equal access to happiness. He is not God and our government is not God either.

Neither should try to legislate God's will. Would Christ do this? I hardly think so.

If homosexuality is a moral sin, then trust your God to have enough power to intervene into the lives of humankind and work their hearts.

Anonymous said...

I'll just say that Eric Miller is the reason I have not gotten involved in as much of this as I would like. I have never trusted Eric Miller and prefer to keep my distance both physically and politically.

Mike Kole said...

Eric Miller is worse than an enemy, because an enemy would simply say, "I'm against the property tax repeal".

But as an ally who says, "there is a great difference between the government intruding into your personal financial business and the government intruding into your personal relationship business" poisons the well.

Anyone capable of rational thought sees both as government intrusions, and improper.

Eric Miller is no friend. Fortunately, most of us knew that already.

Anonymous said...

We are not single issue sorts and ought to be willing to ride any horse going our way so as to get there instead of walking nowhere.