"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Essay by Patriot Paul
Governor Daniels has pulled the rug from Legislators who used a ‘short session’ as an excuse for wanting to go home early and for not finding a permanent solution to the property tax crisis. By telling them to look harder until they get it right begs the question that what is right must then be moral, and that is the crux that both Daniels and Legislators don’t want to address. Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again by interchanging arms, legs, and broken back will not make him walk upright with head held high. It forces a cripple to remain a cripple in a perpetual wheelchair, bound by a patchwork quilt sewn from the 1800s that now embraces Hoosiers like a straight jacket.

Like other states founded in a relatively short time, Indiana built itself with structures to protect citizens from governmental abuse, yet had to provide protections from tyranny. Raising taxes through property to support that became a part of the Indiana Constitution.
If Daniels wants a Constitutional amendment, why offer a cap or reduction onto an already broken system based on old agrarian colonial day methods that will force us to address the issue again in a few years. Indiana has awakened into a manufacturing age and is stepping into a technological and service oriented economy.

Compounding this is the fact that we have legislators who are completely out of their element and follow in lockstep partisanship that offers lip service and excuses for their inaction. Hearings offered to the public have been manipulated with Legislators’ and lobbyiests’grandstanding speeches in Indianapolis, South Bend, and Evansville, with citizens’ horror stories and suggestions minimized by time constraints or discounted by legislators’ counterproductive predisposition to hear but not listen. Referring to elimination:

Speaker Pat Bauer: “There’s always people who want to shoot for Pluto but Pluto doesn’t exist anymore. We need to do what we can do here on earth.” (Kevin Rader, Eyewitness news 13 Indy)

Sen. David Long: “To try and do it in this session-I think it’s not only not a good idea, but really might do harm to the Indiana economy.” (Channel 6)

Gov.Daniels: Supports the ‘spirit’ of elimination but impractical (Evansville Courier press). “The question has to be:’ What can the taxpayer afford?’”(Star news 1-17).

The wrong questions are being asked by leaders operating within a failed system and who will kick Humpty Dumpty down the road for another generation to address unless an awakening citizenship tells them they have no excuses left and that intellectual dishonesty is transparent for all voters to see. The crux is the moral issue. What plan eliminates the annual threat of families being evicted from homes, farms or businesses for failure to annyup a tribute to keep what they already own? There is no plan except elimination, the numbers are there, and two independent statewide polls favor the majority of Hoosiers wanting this grotesque system put into the shredder. Set the wheels in motion to amend the Constitution once and for all applicable to the 21st century, be a part of history, and never look back at a system that is not fixable.

Patriot Paul


VYoung1867 said...

I read with interest the Indy Star article in Voices that was written by Andrew Horning. In that article he stated that under Article I, Section 22 of the Indiana State Consitution it forbids the seizure and sale of homes for payment of taxes. True. Then, he goes on to say, that what Indiana is currently doing with regard to property taxes on primary residential properties is clearly forbidden by both Indiana and the US Constitution.

Why are we paying property taxes on personal residential properties? How did the state pre-empt the Indiana Constituion? And does the fact that they have done this for so long without being contested allow for precedent to continue?

Melyssa said...

The answer is because the People let them get away with it.

It is our job to be dominants over our government. Just like it is a parent's job to parent their children. Some parents do it well, and others neglect their children. We all know what typically happens when parents neglect their children, don't we?

What we have is decades of government allowed to run afoul of the law because there was little to no citizen oversight. Blame yourselves.

If you are sick of it, then join the activists. We are doing all we can to uncover and expose the corruption. We need larger crowds to join with us at the state house as we put the politicians on notice that they are expected to obey the law.