"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Protestors' response to Governor's address


Property Tax Repeal Advocates descended on Indiana’s Statehouse only to receive a rude awakening that the word ‘Repeal’ is extinct in the vocabularies of both the Governor and many lawmakers. While applauding the noble desire to downsize government to become efficient and less costly, his 9 calls for legislators to become brave in a critical time underscores his attitude toward them as fraidy cats all too beholden to the politics of special interest instead of to Hoosiers. The Governor was no less helpful for repeal and refused to take the lead to repeal a grotesque reality that can, and would, permit the State to threaten homeowners, farmers, and businesses into eviction for failing to pay into an unfair and still broken system. And this he calls a PERMANENT fix?

Roughly 200 Repeal Activists, representing various groups from around the State felt the Governor needed as much Metamucil as he tried to give lawmakers for permanent fiber, should these pussycats need the backbone he thinks they require. Claiming his heart was with the people, this Governor-Shape shifter spun his shell game as the biggest tax break in Indiana history. Signs and repeated chants of “Repeal” resounded through the Statehouse from the 3rd floor to the entrance, according to latecomers. Yes, he and the legislators heard the public, despite every poll indicating the majority of statewide Hoosiers want this immorality abolished.

Protestors are left with 2 things: their voice and their vote. Given the volume of media interviews, the war of prehistoric property tax perpetrated by Indiana politicians upon homes, farms, and businesses, prompts ever increasing unhappy crowds as Hoosiers tire of the ball and chains. Once the reality check kicks in for Hoosiers, the Governor’s speech will be viewed as the biggest ‘Mistake of the State address’ in modern memory. Forced retirement is on the horizon for incumbents who left their Metamucil at home. Word to lawmakers: never leave home without it.
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