"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Andre Carson goes ballistic at last night's CCC meeting?

We found this comment by Ernie Shearer left on the Advance Indiana blog today. If Andre Carson cannot manage to respectfully address a member of the public about law enforcement, while in a public meeting and in his role as city councilor, how on earth can we expect him to respectfully represent us in Congress?

What is even more troubling is that Andre Carson seems to be in cohoots with Monroe Gray and a threat was uttered to Ernie's pal GaryJ. This is the behavior of thugs, not political representatives. If anyone reading this blog knows Senator Bayh, please send him this account of what happened last night. I think the last thing Senator Bayh would want is to endorse a public servant who behaves like a common thug.

Here is Ernie's account of what happened. Andre Carson is welcome to reply with no worry of censor from us.

"I think Andre Carson threatened me tonight. I asked him a question about his
vote in the transfer of IMPD back to the Mayor. I asked why his votes were along
party line and not based on what was best for the public safety of Indy. Andre
got bent out of shape and told me that I wasn't going to question him at every
CC meeting. I wasn’t being aggressive or disrespectful and I didn’t raise my
voice. I simply asked him why he voted along party lines and he took exception.
Andre stated that I was grandstanding and was only craving attention. I tried to
explain that I’ve only spoke out about public safety issues but he wouldn’t hear
any of it. Andre told me to get out of the CCB. I asked what authority he had to
expel me and he went ballistic. Gray and Bateman had to get him to calm down.
When I told him I would do as I pleased and reminded him that I was at a public
assembly in a public building asking questions of a city councilman he said he
would take measures to see that I wouldn't do it again.Gray overheard all of
this and told GaryJ on the way out that one day I would ask the wrong question
and someone would take care of me. I think that was a threat too. Carson can’t
take a little heat at a city council meeting without losing his composure and
making threats. Why should we believe that he is mentally able to handle
congress? Carson isn't the only councilman that I question. If I disagree I make
it a habit to question anyone I don't agree with. I'm not going away and I won‘t
stop asking questions. "


colonist said...

those wishing to contact the local Indy office of Evan Bayh 317.554.0750 or fax 317.554.0760.

Anonymous said...

I wrote Sen Bayh. I doubt he even takes it to heart.

Carson KoolAid must be very addictive.

Anonymous said...

Curious what Andre's real feeling about women are. He's muslim and it is my guess he doesn't hold women in as high regard as he does men.

Anonymous said...

Media suck