"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Andre Carson paying for campaigners -- Sheriff endorses Carson even though he placed 88th out of 89 in his law enforcement training class

UPDATE: Channel 13 reports that Sheriff Anderson is endorsing Carson for Congress. Carson is getting an endorsement from a man who always puts party politics ahead of what is good for the people. Anderson is endorsing a candidate who scored 88th out of 89 on his law enforcement academy test. You will also recall that crime soared while under Frank Anderson's watch of Indy's law enforcement and officer morale was so low that Ballard won office partly by promising to put the police back under control of the mayor's office. Boy, that's some endorsement you got there Andre. Talk about partisan politics and cronyism!

Saw this comment on Advance Indiana and just had to print it here too:

Advance Indiana said...
News Flash: Carson is having trouble finding volunteers to help out with his campaign. The campaign has sent out this e-mail alert: PAID CANVASS TO HELP ANDRE CARSON WIN THE MARCH 11TH SPECIAL ELECTION! Let's see, isn't that what happened in Bart Peterson's campaign last fall?

I'm guessing most of the handouts they were given wound up in the trash after a few blocks just like what happened with Peterson's paid canvasers.

Melyssa says:
I took my Andre Carson mailer and used a sharpie to write the truth all over it and left it at my favorite watering hole. I suggest all of you do the same. Don't waste those mailers, use them to spread the truth.


Wilson46201 said...

Abdul from the Howey-Gage Poll:

Andre Carson beats Republican challenger Jon Elrod 54-36 percent.

Way cool !

Wilson46201 said...

Lest it be forgotten: with those "paid campaigners" Peterson won the 7th District precincts: 54% to 44%

Anonymous said...

For those that don't know....Wilson is our town's political dumpster diver. He's an ugly old gay man, who wears dirty clothes, smells bad, and can often be seen with a camera taking pictures of Andre Carson. The rest of his life is spent trolling blogs in blind devotion to democrats regardless of how they behave.

Wilson is a blind democrat and supports Andre Carson even though Carson is Muslim and that religion condemns homosexuality.

Wilson also blindly supports Monroe Gray, the ousted city council president, who is under investigation for ethics violations while on council.

Here's what wikipedia has to say about Homosexuality and Islam:


At a debate last week, Wilson stuck a camera in the face of a woman in the audience and caused a public fight when she asked him to get the camera out of her face. Instead of being polite and doing as she asked, he continued to taunt her by taking pictures. This visibly embarassed Andre Carson who was seated on the stage.

Wilson is the best Carson's campaign can do for supporters...a smelly old hateful man who can't think for himself and who has no life. That's Wilson.

And while we are at it, here's what wikipedia has to say about Women and Islam:


As you can see, the Islamic culture treats women only slightly better than gays.

Don't forget, Carson is Muslim and is endorsed by the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

According to wikipedia,

Wilson46201 said...

Of course, the above personal attack was posted anonymously ... they used to wear white hoods, nowadays they just conceal their identity with Internet driveby commenting...

People with honor are not ashamed of what they write!

Anonymous said...

I posted anonymously because I do not care to have Wilson sorting through my trash and making my life miserable. I also do not want him taking my picture at public debates against my consent to do so. THAT'S why I was anonymous, Wilson. I happily post my name elsewhere.

And for your informtion, I'm no racist. I could care less about color. My intolerance is for incompetence and racism. Louis Farrakhan is racist and anti-semitic and is endorsing Carson. That's all I needed to hear.

Now go away. I am sure these good people don't want you here. You smell and act badly.

Anonymous said...



Anyone who know anything about Andre Carson will tell you that his involvement in NOI American Islam came via his activities on the streets with a gang known as The Five Percenters. Andre's involvement with the early Hip Hip scene was as a result of his buying into the dogma of the Five Percenters which dominated and continue to dominate the Hip Hop scene today. The Five Percenters were Andre's ticket to street cred and was the basis of his involvement in the early Hip Hop rap years.
The Five Percenters are NOT a religion, they are black supremacists. Their recruiting ground is not only in the inner city hood but more seriously in every one of America's prisons.
When Andre told Ruth Holliday that he was involved with the Five Percenters in Dodge City she didn't have a clue what the hell the Five Percenters were. Yet Andre told the Indianapolis Star he was involved with Nation of Islam youth and NOT with the Five Percenters. The NOI is black supemacist but the Five Percenters take it to a much much higher level. It's not religion it's dogma and ideology of a black street gang.
Andre Carson is pulling a ruse on the people in this city as he spouts political correctness all the while running an agenda known only to him and a few who you will never see in the headlines.
After you've googled exactly who the Five Percenters are then ask yourself if Andre Carson is the type person you want representing you in Congress.
To be honest with you, Andre Carson scares the hell out of me. He should scare the hell out of a lot more people, especially white people who make up nearly 70% of the 7th Congressional District.
This NOT about religion people, it's about what race and Andre's background has done nothing but help stoke the fires. If my warning about Andre and the Five Percenters throws another log on that fire then so be it. The people of Indianapolis have a right to know where this guy comes from.

Anonymous said...

I'm a hoosier.
One of the Judges that withdrew is a boozer.