"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Andy Horning asks of 7th district media: "Why do we tolerate this?"

Here's what constitutionalist and gubernatorial candidate Andy Horning had to say about the refusal of WTHR to include Sean Shepard in their upcoming televised 7th district forum. Thanks Andy and keep teaching Americans what we are worth. One day we all shall awaken.

Why do we tolerate this?
by Andy Horning
With very, very few exceptions, politicians have no intention of obeying the laws that limit their powers. They want to govern you - they do not want to be governed themselves. They want to make laws, not obey them.

So when Libertarian candidate Sean Shepard (who is quite literally the only candidate in the Special Election for the constitutional job of US Congressman for Indiana’s 7th district) was excluded from an important, televised “debate” (a moderated Q&A is not even similar to a real debate), I complained.

You see, the event’s organizers are not only foisting upon voters two people who have no intention of honoring their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; they’re removing any alternative to such lawlessness from the public discussion, and to a degree, from the election itself.

Here’s the reply I received from WTHR:
Thank you for taking the time to write about the 7th District Election candidates. Our political programming continues its policy of fairness and balance in accordance with a candidate’s viability and a party’s record of total vote percentages.We will also continue covering the positions of all candidates in our regular newscasts. We appreciate the feedback.

What is “viability” in this context, and who are they to judge it? Why would they judge it? How does “a party’s record of total vote percentages” have anything to do with the process of electing an actual human being to do an actual job? Where does right and wrong fit into this? Where does logic fit into this?

Here is the analogy: You’re the Personnel Director for a company that’s in financial, legal and PR trouble. Things are looking grim for the company, but you’ve been assigned the job of winnowing candidates for an exceptionally important job at a pivotal time. The person you hire could save the company …or tank it.

You have several resumes from eminently qualified individuals; any one of whom could save the day. But you also have resumes from two bozos who you don’t like at all, but who you had always, for some odd reason, recommended for interviews before. They never have worked out. In fact they’ve always been start-to-bitter-end disasters. But you keep passing them on to the boss and tossing the other resumes because, well, they have a record of always getting the opportunity you’ve denied to others.

Of course this is breathtakingly stupid. But it’s also totally wrong. Media bias is one thing; this is something worse. If I weren’t opposed to the RICO act, I’d recommend invoking it against these racketeers.

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