"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Some Democrats can’t seem to get over it. Whether it’s mayoral envy or a stinging rebuke from Marion county residents toward the democratically controlled previous administration, some Democrat’s panties are still in a wad, evidenced by yesterday’s arrogance from Democrat Win Moses (Ft.Wayne rep.) who verbally assaulted Indianapolis Mayor Ballard. Along with other statewide officials, the new mayor was asked about the impact of caps on property tax and where to make up the shortfall. Ballard stood in defense of Marion County residents by saying he would not agree to an increase in local income taxes. There were some questions that the Mayor honestly stated he did not have a ready answer which produced an egotistical jab from Moses “I’m asking questions you must know”.

At the risk over defending a new Mayor, remember the following:

His first day was no easy transition. The Peterson people during the last week, the Star reported, had the shredder going full time for a waiting trash truck. Mayor Ballard had to reconstruct whatever government structure existed, the people and functions they performed, and their communication levels.

His new team was and still is being assembled for important functions, appointing hundreds of people for jobs, including streamlining an antiquated system to create efficiency, save Hoosiers tax money, and call people into accountability with how they allocate those dollars.

The Mayor, with the help of the City County Counsel vote last night, will take over as chain of command head to increase efficiency and communication. Based on a 911 scenario, it is important for various first responders to develop emergency communication with an engaged Mayor.

It is ridiculous to think that with his job of Indianapolis CEO, he should be privy to all the impact of recent the Governor’s tax panel outline for the entire State or even Marion County, when it is obvious the legislators are the ones who have presided over a failed system and are in a daily position to correct it. That is their job, and they should have asked a complacent Bart Peterson during the last eight years about the impact of reform, instead of perpetrating a debacle upon Indiana. For the last several months, various plans have been offered to lawmakers; not to the Mayor. To castigate the Mayor for his honest answer that he just didn’t know the answers to all their questions is honesty at its finest from the Mayor, and arrogance from our employees, the legislators.

Saddled by the ineptitude of a previous administration that destroyed information, this mayor of the people has done a remarkable job in only 5 weeks. If Democrats such as Win Moses have nothing better to do than throw stones at a local Mayor, he might well start with his own Mayor in Ft.Wayne, which should keep him occupied for weeks until we remedy his term of office.

If there is an additional insight into that hearing, it is the fact that arrogance abounds within the statehouse where posturing and throwing darts at your opponent is the norm, leaving no wonder they have been party to a system of throwing our neighbors into the street for failure to pay into an unfair and broken system our lawmakers manufactured with complicent lobbyists.

We should thank our Mayor for standing up to indicate he will not agree to an increase in local taxes for Marion County residents and for the progress he has made in only 5 weeks.

Patriot Paul


Anonymous said...

Imagine. We can break party politics by putting Sean Shepard in Congress. He will be the ONLY Libertarian in Congress. That's exciting and will definitely put Indiana in national news as the first state to send a Libertarian to Washington! Let's elect Sean Shepard for Congress!

Frank said...

One can never be expected to be smart when one is stupid. This is as good as it will get for Ballard.

BR said...

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Taxpayer said...

Excellently stated! I was yelling at the TV when I heard the sound bite (naturally, what the news media chose to focus on). When the man started out with a budget full of blank pages, how on earth do they expect him to know EXACTLY where the fluff is?

Mayor Ballard is a brave man to take this on. Kudos to him!