"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Constitutionalist Andy Horning seeks Libertarian nod for Governor

We were delighted to see the message below on Andy Horning's blog. Don't be afraid of the Constitution. It's really ok to obey it. Its authors carefully crafted it to protect the People. How else will we as a nation actualize our purpose if we do not honor it? Do we not owe it our framers to respect it?

When you need a job done right…

I’m running for the constitutional office of Indiana Governor, and I’ll be seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party, since the GOP has proven that it is more enemy than friend of liberty and justice.

The GOP has chosen to cast Ron Paul into the dustbin, so things aren’t looking great on the Rule of Law front nationally. Since Indiana is number 45 in the primary crapshoot, and the “contest” will be decided by then, we won’t even have a national say in the matters of liberty, security, peace and prosperity.

…Or will we?

I’ve decided that I must offer ROL here in Indiana. Nobody else has stepped up to do it. I expect I’ll be the only candidate for the constitutional office of Indiana Governor.

But one is better than none, eh?

I need all the help I can get. It doesn’t matter what you think you know, or what skills you possess. This is all about spreading the message that liberty works/ that politics does not; and I need your ingenuity and personal connections to do this.

You can start working on the campaign this very minute. Tell everybody you know to do the same. There is an alternative. We can govern our government.

The constitutions are already written, already proven, and already the law. We just need somebody to dust them off and use them …just as the constitutions demand.

I would honor the oath “to support the Constitution of this State, and of the United States” (Article 15, Section 4 of the Indiana Constitution). And if you’ve read anything in this blog, you know that says a whole lot that needs saying right now. Honoring that oath would mean a drastic, immediate and cleansing change for Indiana…and the USA.

If you’re interested in joining the fun, let me know immediately!

Also, we’ll be setting up a website at http://www.horningforgovernor.com and http://www.horning08.com Tell everybody. Start now.

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