"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Did Dr. Eugene White hear the taxpayers?

Unbelieveable. Dr. White asked the IPS school board to not renew contracts of 17 school administrative personnel. It is good to hear that they are being given an option to return to the classroom.

See? No teachers are losing their jobs! Children aren't suffering by these cuts!

Superintendent Dr. James Mervilde? Are you paying attention here? You could learn a thing or two by following Dr. White's example. It's not like the people are going to let up on you or the other members of your school board any time soon.

Now, we still need to do something about that pesky Article 8 in the Indiana constitution that states it is not legal for schools to charge homeowners to pay for schools. We are entitled to about 50% of our taxes back since the Great Depression ended. John Price filed the lawsuit which would bankrupt the state by forcing the state to pay back all those illegally collected property taxes for school funding. The judge asked if he had exhausted "administrative remedies" first. That means citizens need to ask for a refund of tax illegally collected. Until people request their money back, the case cannot move forward.

Here are instructions to show you how to request your illegally collected money back.


Anonymous said...

He should fire the idiot Dorothy Crenshaw who released all of the personal information of the students to the internet!

Anonymous said...

Savings are only realized when positions are eliminated and no new positions are created.
Dr. White did not eliminate any positions--he just didn't renew 15 administrative contracts.

This is an annual shell game played by the Superintendent. He moves people around, demotes a few, replaces a few, creates new positions, and protects the longtime incompetent folks who do God-knows-what in the central office.

Just watch the personnel report over the next few months and see how many new positions he creates.