"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do you wonder what they look like?

"Don't take the government tit away from us
or the children shall perish!"
Gotta read the Indianapolis Star's article today that goes with the photo above. Do you really think the educrats are going to go away without crying for the children?
The schools will not have to fire teachers or compromise academics! It's a lie!
The people in the photo are sucking at the government mammary gland and are afraid to get on solid food and feed themselves! There is a reason that the ISTA is across the street from the statehouse. The ISTA is run by educrats, the administrators who get fat off your money while doing nothing of much value!

We know the truth. If the educrats really cared about our children parents would not be forced to spend upwards of $500 on their kids' textbooks on top of their property tax bills! They would recommend that we buy textbooks before swimming pools and locker rooms.

Uncontrolled school spending is the single biggest threat to taxpayers. Don't ever let those lazy educrats forget that you, the taxpaying homeowner, know their wicked truth.


Anonymous said...

They are using our children and grandchildren as human shields in order to promote their personal special interests.

Anonymous said...

Children as human shields? That is exactly what they do! The cowards. Should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Here is Indiana's current tax cut plan:

Reduce the increase in tax deductible property taxes and shift the entire tax burden to non-deductible sales taxes.

Increase the local income tax

Reduce no government spending

Result: Net Increase in your Taxes

The bipartisan government-reform panel led by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shepard and former Gov. Joe Kernan recommend the elimination of 1,155 units of government and 5,833 fewer elected officials statewide saving $400 million each year.

We've got to quit governing like this!

Message from former Governor Joe Kernan:


Study shows that Kernan-Shepard recommendations would result in between $200 and $400 million in savings each year

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2:24 -- AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Legally, children should have a FREE education.

How does paying for textbooks meet the definition of "FREE education"?

I'm just waiting for some parents or other group to sue over having to pay for textbooks. Let's see the Administrators and School Boards scramble to pay for that.

Do you think they will cut spending elsewhere, e.g., athletic facilities? Silly you, if you said "Yes"!

OR will the Legislators (who should have control of the General Fund for schools by then) simply raise our property/whatever taxes again to pay for them? NO! THEY SHOULD CUT ADMINISTRATIVE SPENDING AND INSTITUTE REFERENDUMS for buildings.

At least right now, the parents are paying some expenses for their own children; the rest of the taxpayers are not paying for that...

BUT... as a taxpayer with no school age children, I would rather pay for textbooks to educate students than pay for Taj Mahals for administration buildings, swimming pools, athletic stadiums, fancy locker rooms, etc.

The taxpayers MUST have referendums for administration buildings and other building projects (except in growing school districts).

Let the parents raise the money from foundations and other sources to pay for new athletic facilities for their own children – and then pay for the use of the facilities for their children. Alternatively, let the parents join the Y or JCC or Riviera Club or Five Seasons or whatever. Thus, the parents would be paying for the use of the athletic facilities for their own children without having to raise the money for new athletic facilities.

Why make ALL taxpayers pay for athletic facilities for a FEW families?

Remember only 20% of taxpayers in Washington Township School District have children in the schools, but 100% of property owners pay school taxes.

Anonymous said...

The essence of union run "education" is a lie. Bullying tactics are used by these ed-necks to impose themselves upon and financially molest taxpayers.

They take from us, the very money we need to sustain our families, and short change our children by trading their greed (real estate development, special interests, etc.) for the development of our children.

Indiana's graduation rates anyone, pubic vs. the comparatively "underfunded" operations of private schools? Privatize education and keep these fedophiles away from us and our children.

Educrats: Don't tell me you love my kids while shoving your unwelcomed hands into my pockets.

Taxpayer said...

These educrats also have the teachers, especially young, new teachers and those in specialized fields like art and music, buffaloed into believing they must lobby their friends and relatives to fight property tax reform because if it passes, they'll lose their jobs. I don't blame the teachers for being frightened -- I was there once. But I absolutely CONDEMN the do-nothing administrators who will cut teacher salaries and eliminate arts programs rather than trim back on a few of their OWN unnecessary perks! They are victimizing both our children AND dedicated, hard-working teachers who, unlike the educrat administrators, actually DO care about the children and their education.