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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Honest question from Melyssa

Two people today have told me that I trashed Jon Elrod on this blog. They are Gary Welsh and Patriot Paul.

Please tell me how asking a point blank question of a candidate is trashing them? I promoted Elrod on this blog based solely on this campaign flyer that said with words (not actions) that he is pro repeal. Then I started digging for evidence after someone asked me if he ever came to our rallies and I had to honestly say "No, Elrod did not come to our property tax rallies."

If anyone can show me with my own words that I "trashed" Jon Elrod, I will humbly apologize, for my intent is not to trash, but to make sure the cream rises to the top of 7th district special election and gets into office.

I want a true taxpayer advocate (not the most connected or most moneyed) working for me in Congress. I want a person that I absolutely KNOW that I can trust will not be bought or sold to party politics.

I ask you, can I trust a candidate that won't answer my relevant question? It's not like I'm a nobody without anything invested in my state...and even if I was, I still deserve an answer from the candidate that wants my vote. I've given too much of my heart, my soul, and my time to not deserve to demand that.

I am interviewing Elrod and Shepard and Carson for a job and so are all of you!

If ever I speak something that is not true, anyone can call me out on it and I will speak to you or email you back right away. I don't ignore people rather than face them. If I am wrong, I make amends. I am not a vicious person.

I challenge anyone to point out a specific instance whereby Jon Elrod was "trashed" by me. Asking a candidate a question over and over that goes unanswered does not constitute trashing.
It's called being a concerned, involved taxpayer employer and more us should be one!

Aren't you all sick to death of politics by now?

How are you ever going to get what this country promised can be yours, if you do not demand it of your elected officials?

All I want is to know is exactly what Jon Elrod has done for the 7th district taxpayer.

We know first hand that Sean Shepard did plenty and he hasn't even held office yet.



Anonymous said...

Melhysa, you have a point.

Anonymous said...

And, it is a good point. Since 1994 the R's have taken a lot for granted and frankly, don't stand for anything for the most part.

Apples of Gold said...

I'm tired of the R's taking my vote for granted. Maybe it's time to send a few of them a message that we're tired of being used. If they see 3rd party candidates getting votes that would/could have put them into office, maybe they'll start respecting the constitution.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand what would you expect from a political sort other than votes on laws? The grasper of public monies is already there ahead of you. The slimes of "economic development" or those of the entitlements have bankrupted the State and City.

Anonymous said...

Sean Shepard's campaign will mean far fewer votes for Elrod. That in turn could cause us to end up with Carson for Congress.

Has Elrod responded to Melyssa's letter yet?

indyernie said...

Jon was at a rally on the Circle. He was also at the CCB and met with some of the protesters.
Sorry Melyssa but he was there. Not everyone takes the mike and speaks to the masses some just take it all in.

Melyssa said...

Ernie, thanks speaking up on Elrod's behalf. Elrod's campaign ignores our questions even though the People (myself being one of the People) are his employers and he is our representative. I know you were at a whole lot of those protests. In fact I put a photo of you up on the blog today in the "Memories" section.

If someone can get me a photo of Elrod at a rally, I would happily publish it.

I find it strange that no one told me Elrod was there until now, and Elrod did not talk to any of the activists.

Jon Elrod isn't just "anybody". He's an Indiana State Representative and if anyone should step up to the microphone, it should have been our state rep!

There were so many opportunities to talk to the people and let us know that there was hope for what we were going through. We didn't get that from Elrod. A few words from him would have meant so much.

People are in agony with worry over bills and keeping their homes. Isn't it his job to say he hears us and he's going to do something?

If he's too timid to step up for the people, how on earth is he going to be able to handle Congress?

I don't know, but something tells me timid people don't get real far for their constituents in Congress.

I'd love to see what Elrod can do for us in the state house first with a couple terms under his belt. He blew a big opportunity to serve us and calm our fears last summer.