"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How the Republicans and Libertarians can make Elrod a national name and block Carson from office.

This is totally Melyssa and does not necessarily represent or not represent the views of the other activists, who haven't even seen the theory yet. -HFFT

If Elrod would drop out, citing the truth that he cannot do campaign and do the people's important working during this session well, then that will place the conservative vote with the Libertarian who can likely out debate the other two candidates on matters of policy.

There is no way Andre Carson will be able to stand up to a debate against either Elrod or Shepard. And Shepard will likely prevail in any debate on national policy. He's very grounded in conservative Libertarian policy and is a former republican. Not only that, but he has lived and breathed national policy (particularly economics) for many years.

This is how everyone (except Carson) wins:

Indiana wins by electing the first Libertarian into Congress. Elrod would end up with amazing national political clout by making a tough decision and selfless decision of such integrity.

Elrod could go on to win the primary and possibly the general election too after he's finished working the 2007 session as a Jr. State Rep. This way, the conservatives in Indiana win and together, Republicans and Libertarians unite to make sure that a solid, well schooled fiscal policy candidate and deserving conservative wins. It's not like it is a full term anyway. It's just nine months and would make history for Indiana.

It's time Indiana understood she can LEAD reform and made bold new moves that promote great change for our country. America deserves a Libertarian in Congress. Sean has EARNED this by his service to us already!

Both Dems and Reps can live with the Libs. Right?

Republican and libertarian talk show hosts need something positive to talk about right now and it sure ain't McCain. Elrod could be on their lips by Monday morning.

Republicans should never forget how much their Libertarian friends (and Gary Welsh) helped Ballard win.

This way, both R's and L's win win...but most of all the taxpayers win.The Libertarians have demonstrated that they are Republican compatible. We even were seen at GOP headquarters making calls for Ballard! It's time the R's helped the Libs back.

(sticking my neck out once more for reform)



Anonymous said...

What in Gods name are you smoking Hoosiers For fair Taxation?

Anonymous said...

Melyssa, you have a pretty noggin and it's really not a bad idea except that debates don't influence elections anymore. If they did we would have elected the nearest tree instead of Mr. Crawford.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting idea - maybe

If Elrod pulled out, Shepard would win as a likable, fiscally conservative, pro-family, socially tolerant candidate - probably the most attractive candidate in this race to social conservatives while not interested in limiting the rights of others.

If the Libertarians pulled out - Elrod wouldn't win because too many Democrats won't go vote for 'a Bush-loving Republican'.

Even if Elrod wins though, the Barack Obama coat-tails ... Hillary is done people ... in November will totally lose him the seat in the 7th. I like the video clip where it talks about making headlines for our city. Send somebody new.

Sean, as a Libertarian, would pull 'anti Carson machine' voters from those still pissed about the slating being rigged, the social and fiscal conservatives love him and yet he is not a gay hater like some (not many) of the Republicans can act like sometimes.

Elrod is boring and nobody knows why he's even in this race. He needs to want to do this for more reasons than just being bored with his 1 year in the Statehouse. -=-= Snore =-=-

melyssa said...

Smoking cigs.

3:10....Get out thes box with the rest of us creating reform.

4:12....thanks for helping me think this rough more

p.s. you should not let fear keep you from signing your names !

It's tiime our state got liberated from its fear of the 21st century!

melyssa said...

By the way, my typing is bad in the previous comment, because I'm on a laptop. sorry

This 4-way win theory I blogged, was written yesterday on the fly as soon as I saw this as the only solution to create a win for everyone including old school dems of the JFK, RFK, and Dr. King visions.

Likely the biggest winner in this plan is Elrod, especially with Senator Lugar's nod. For Jon Elrod is going to lead great things for us in the state house.

In the meantime, let's all start thinking about developing free energy technology. The math exists to do it.

Surely you all realize I have an affinity for the Purdue geeks and the Wabash 'gentlemen at all times'. They fill my head with the possible.

Can Indiana jump from the 19th century, past the 20th, andstraight into a 21st century as a national leader?

The answer is absolutely YES!

Anonymous said...

As A Libertarian I get a little tired of people saying Libertarians and Republicans are compatible. If that's true then the Libertarians should join the Republican party. Ron Paul is the ONLY Republican I can conscientiously support.

Many of the Libertarians I have met over the years were first Democrats who left that party as it became more and more socialistic. They would never consider themselves Republicans.

And it seems to me that the more this rhetoric is used the less likely a Libertarian will be elected. If we keep telling everyone we are like the Republicans the voters see no point in voting for Libertarians when there is a Republican on the ballot. Better the monster you know...

The sad fact in Indiana, however, is that the LPIN has been absent from all the tax debates and everything else. Sure, some Libertarians are involved with those things, but the LPIN has missed numerous golden opportunities to show the voters we are not like the other two.

Anonymous said...

umm, not gonna happen. Back in the real world we all know Elrod will do a bang up job. How is he boring? He seems to be a well rounded, smart, interesting guy who truly wants to represent the needs of the district. Enough already about working on hsi campaign on the floor. he multitasks...what is wrong with that? We all know there is done time on the floor. In the video people are up and walking around.

Anonymous said...

yes, but what has Elrod done that makes him deserving to win?