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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Superintendent Mervilde & school board president Don Kite squander YOUR money !

Educrats James Mervilde (above)
and Don Kite (below)
completely ignore wasteful spending

click document to enlarge it
Ok, this is not rocket science. For such well-educated educrats like Dr. James Mervilde, superinitendent of Washington Township schools, and Don Kite its school board president, you would think that they would have a CLUE about where our money goes. The reality is that they do know. They just hope you will not find out.

You will hear them, and educrats across the state try to scare you into thinking that our children will suffer and not be well educated if we cut the money we send to schools. That's an outright lie and the people know it! We know you waste our money. We know you don't think twice about stealing our wealth while holding our homes hostage.

Take a look at the document we received in our in box yesterday. If we got it, don't you think that the school board president has it? Has he said anything? Is he accountable? And what about Mervilde? Why isn't he doing anything about this? It is likely we got this document because they got it and did absolutely nothing about it.

This is PROOF how easily they can waste $146, 000 of your property tax money and not think a thing of it.
And don't forget, government ILLEGALLY COLLECTS property tax on your home to fund these educrat run schools. Article 8 of our state constitution clearly states that school levies are to be paid by corporate taxes, not homeowners!
The politicians are in violation of the Indiana Constitution and MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE !

Government run schools are so out of control, that they've become a quasi-government themselves and their influence over state legislators is alarming. The big losers in this picture are the children, their parents, the teachers, and the homeowners who are being robbed to keep this broken system propped up. Teachers are frustrated with low pay, having to buy class materials out-of-pocket, parents are paying for textbooks, and t hey are failing 25% of our kids. And the ones that ARE graduating, often are not prepared with skills to compete in the work force.

The days are numbered for government schools. We cannot afford them. The cost per child to educate our children in public schools is running as high, and sometimes much higher, than private schools who are graduating more kids with better SAT's.

With Indiana's graduation rate at just 75% and costs spiraled out-of-control, do you think we should allow the educrats to continue to reign?
Let's hand taxpayer education dollars directly to each child's family and let them choose which acredited school to which they send their child. This will force competition among schools (and their educrats) to be competitive. As important, it will give our children the best opportunity to get the type of education that best suits them as individuals.
Society will benefit. Educrats and lobbyists will not.


Anonymous said...

We need a grand jury. Contact Carl Brizzi. The question needs to be asked, "WHY are these educrats wasting millions of tax dollars?" FOLLOW THE MONEY......

Anonymous said...

Fire the bums! Start requesting public documents. Don't be surprised if you find out the projects were initiated ILLEGALLY! Taxpayers need to join together and sue those repsonsible for misspending their money.

Anonymous said...

Democrats were adamantly opposed to an Inspector General. Why? Where there is opportunity to skim money for personal pockets human nature is what it is. Plucking the public purse is easy and it might even be legal. There are reasons why Indiana schools cost so much and some of those reasons aren't pretty.

Anonymous said...

You might look at how much Washington Township and other districts pay to be members of the CIESC. Are these districts (and indirectly, the taxpayer) really getting any bang for their buck or is it more of a private club with a private slush fund for Superintendents?

And if citizens are that concerned about education and education spending, where are the candidates? According to the Star, two of the longest serving board members in IPS (Mary Busch has served 32 years and Marianna Zaphiriou has served 14 years) have NO opposition!

Taxpayer said...

A quality, free public education is the foundation of democracy. What our public schools are providing our children is anything BUT quality. Does anybody else see a correlation between that fact and the fact that our democratic system of government is disintegrating?

When only the wealthy can afford quality education for their children, our system is doomed. We MUST fix public education and take it back from the educrats who've hijacked it at the expense of our children. We must not let them force us into abandoning the right of ALL children, regardless of their parents' income, to a quality education!

Anonymous said...


I can testify that Tremc0 is a very price gouging dishonest company.

Years ago i sued them over price fixing all over a 2 dollar tube of caulking. Our company was requires under their license agreement to purchase the caulking directly from them for around $ 5.90 a tube. I found it locally on a retail shelf for around $ 2.00 a tube. It doesn't sound like much, bur multiply that by thousands of tubes.

Anyway they sued me. I counter sued in Federal Court and after 4 years and about 60,000.00 in legal fees. They went away.


Anonymous said...

Dr. James Mervilde, as well as many other school superintendants in this county, seem to feel that they should be able to build anything in their kingdom that they want.

That's why the governor and Republican legislature were trying to pass a law saying the actual taxpayers in the township had to OK these Taj Mahal projects.

Of course the liberals, Democrats, and teacher's union shot that down.

Apples of Gold said...


Please contact me. I'd love to hear more of your story.


Anonymous said...

These educrats and Democrats need to understand that we're not going away. You have to wonder with all this wasteful spending, what's in it for them?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see this AP story? These teachers have NO RIGHT taking the day off to lobby the legislature. That's not what they're getting paid to do. This is outrageous. Taxpayers should show up for a counter-rally.

Marion schools seek help to cover for lobbying teachers

MARION, Ind. - Marion Community Schools officials have asked for volunteers to help supervise students on March 4, when they expect numerous teachers to take the day off to lobby legislators in the Statehouse.

Letters were sent from Marion High School and two middle schools asking parents, grandparents and guardians to help out that day as administrators anticipated a shortage of substitute teachers.

District Superintendent Jeff Hendrix said Friday some parents had called to volunteer and he was trying to determine what the cost could be to the school system for hiring enough substitute teachers for March 4.

Hendrix said he had received e-mails from some parents who appeared concerned about the teachers being gone that day.

Jim Henderson, president of the Marion Teachers Association, said he respects parents' opinions, but that the lobbying effort was needed to improve state funding for the 5,200-student school district midway between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

While other Grant County school districts didn't anticipate many employees attending the Indiana State Teachers Association lobbying event in Indianapolis, Henderson said those districts were not in the same situation.

"I don't think they're in such dire straits as Marion," he said.

Milo Nelson, who has children in elementary, middle and high school in Marion, said he didn't think the schools would have enough time for background checks of the volunteers and that they would not be prepared for dealing with so many middle and high school students.

"My kids won't be in school that day if they do this," Nelson said.

Mike Powell, superintendent of the neighboring Mississinewa schools district, said he expected three or four of the system's teachers would attend the lobbying event.

"If we have a large number of teachers out, I'm not going to invite members of the community in to supervise classes," Powell said.

If more teachers than expected call off and the district didn't have enough substitute teachers, Powell said he'd close schools for the day. He said the district's teachers union leader told him if the number of teachers gone March 4 presented a problem, the trip could be postponed a week.

Information from: Chronicle-Tribune, http://www.chronicle-tribune.com

Anonymous said...

Below is the partial text of the first School Tax Act passed in Indiana. I'm posting Sections 13 and 31. You'll see that VOTERS used to have a say in taxation and education. Enjoy !!
The Fort Wayne Times – Front Page
01 March 1849


AN ACT to increase and extend the benefits of Common Schools
[Approved January 17, 1849.]

Sec. 13. It shall be lawful for the qualified voters of any school district in the State, at any general or special meeting thereof, to vote for a tax for the purpose of building a schoolhouse, or repairing the same, or providing fuel, or such furniture, maps, books, and apparatus, as a majority shall deem proper; they may, also, for the purpose of continuing their school after the public money shall have been expended, vote to raise by tax such an amount as the majority may deem advisable; Provided, however, That the aggregate amount of all taxes, so levied by a vote of the district, shall in no case, in any one year, exceed the amount of fifteen cents on each one hundred dollars worth of property.

Sec. 31. This act to be inforce from and after its publication in the Indiana Journal, and the State Sentinel, with this exception, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the distribution of the school fund in March 1849, under the laws now in force; Provided, however, That the several counties of this State be and they are hereby exempted from the provisions of this act, until said counties respectively assent thereto, and for the purpose of securing such assent, at the annual August elections held in the several townships in said counties, the inspectors shall propound to each person when he presents his ballot, the following question, towit: “Are you in favor of the act of 1848-9 to increase and extend the benefits of common schools?” the answer to each of which interragaters shall be noted down by the clerks of such elections, and the number voting in the affirmative and negative, certified by the inspectors of said elections to the County Auditors of their respective counties, at the same time required by law to make returns of such elections; and whenever a majority of those voting at such township August elections in any of said counties are in favor of this act, then the same shall take effect and be in force in such county, and until such assent is given in each of said counties, the vote for and against this act at each succeeding August elections, shall be taken as above in this section provided, in each of said counties so refusing its assent thereto.

Robert Cole said...

Oppsss...the above was posted by me.

Robert Cole said...

Below is relevant text from the Indiana Constitution at Article 8 - Education:
Section 1. Knowledge and learning, generally diffused throughout a community, being essential to the preservation of a free government; it shall be the duty of the General Assembly to encourage, by all suitable means, moral, intellectual, scientific, and agricultural improvement; and to provide, by law, for a general and uniform system of Common Schools, wherein tuition shall be without charge, and equally open to all.

Section 2. The Common School fund shall consist of the Congressional Township fund, and the lands belonging thereto;
The Surplus Revenue fund;
The Saline fund and the lands belonging thereto;
The Bank Tax fund, and the fund arising from the one hundred and fourteenth section of the charter of the State Bank of Indiana;
The fund to be derived from the sale of County Seminaries, and the moneys and property heretofore held for such Seminaries; from the fines assessed for breaches of the penal laws of the State; and from all forfeitures which may accrue;
All lands and other estate which shall escheat to the State, for want of heirs or kindred entitled to the inheritance;
All lands that have been, or may hereafter be, granted to the State, where no special purpose is expressed in the grant, and the proceeds of the sales thereof; including the proceeds of the sales of the Swamp Lands, granted to the State of Indiana by the act of Congress of the twenty eighth of September, eighteen hundred and fifty, after deducting the expense of selecting and draining the same;
Taxes on the property of corporations, that may be assessed by the General Assembly for common school purposes.

Does ANYONE see ANYTHING permitting the taxation of private residential property for the support of common schools???

There IS a property tax authorized -- a tax on the property of corporations!!

Contact your school boards, and ask them for their Constitutional authority to tax your private residential property for the support of the common schools, and see what they say.