"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We told you first: New bills will not provide relief

For Sale by Owner Signs
brought to you by HFFT & Sullivan Hardware

We told you first last August that your bills weren't going to change.

We told you Ballard would win.

We are telling you now that Indiana's 7th district can make history and send the 1st Libertarian to Congress on March 11th. This unmistakeable message from Indiana will shake the status quo two-party politics, that put us in this crisis, to its core. It will cause every politician in Indiana to fear the people whose trust they betrayed over and over again.

Channel 13 ran the story today about our property tax bills not changing much. We hope Sullivan Hardware in Meridian Kessler is stocked up on torches, pitchforks, and For Sale By Owner signs because residents will be demanding them come spring when they get the bills. You can bet the bills won't come before the legislative session ends.

Senator Lubbers? Representative David Orenlichter? Representative Crawford? What are you doing for us?

Marion county property owners can add $1.3 million to our tax bill for the cost of the reassessment. Look where we are. We are no closer to a solution than we were last summer. Repeal was moved to a summer study session, in spite of the fact that very capable economists have told us repeal CAN and SHOULD be done.

On top of this, our legislators are basically ignoring the Shepherd Kernan report that the Governor ordered last summer. The report recommends 27 steps that need to be put into place to make Indiana efficient. Are they being done?

It is time to put literally thousands of angry taxpayers around the state house with torches and pitch forks.
If you want to run for state representative or state senator and don't know where to start, that's ok. Contact us and we'll help you. We want people in office who will do the people's will and who are not afraid to tell the educrats, the political cronies, and anyone else sucking on the government tit that their gravy train derailed.




Anonymous said...

Time for a major tax protest rally=As for their reconciliation- tell them to go to hell- hell no we won't pay.

Anonymous said...

banks can't keep up with foreclosures either

Ed Angleton said...

Add Representative Day to the list, he's on Ways and Means.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a statehouse protest is in order.

They have not gotten the message.

Anonymous said...

Rep Crawford fits the bill for being a nearly perfect pos. Let's retire him first.

Taxpayer said...

Sullivan's DEFINITELY needs to restock For Sale By Owner signs. They were stolen from a six-block stretch of Pennsylvania Street one Sunday night several weeks ago anyway.

We must take action!

Anonymous said...

Our for sale by owner signs have been swiped three times.I think by realtors-

Anonymous said...

Ballard had made it clear he is not going to help. Now lets get rid of Daniels!

Pete Boggs said...

What Banks Aren't Telling You:

Banks are discounting appraisals 10%+ due to devaluation and there's concern about whether or not private mortgage insurers can remain solvent.

Further, shareholders may wonder where the "banking industry has been" throughout the property tax issue, considering that the value of their collateral is considered by these same institutions to be off-standard. A few will be glad to have sold their shares before the crowd figures it out.

Their incoherent absence from the issue, will in the markets, not be excused.

What does anyone think will be the impact on value, of another property tax increase? Is that "hard" to figure out, another "complex" issue?

If leadership is a tax increase, Indiana is in big trouble.

Melyssa said...

I feel sorry for the realtors trying to eek out a living in this environment.

Can't hardly blame them for stealing signs. It's survival for them.

See how the government is threatening our lower level physical and safety needs?

How on earth will our population have any chance at self-actualization (pursuit of happiness) with a government like ours?